Rat-Rodding: Automotive Jewelry – Add accessories to you

Posted by at 3 January 2015, at 21 : 19 PM

Rat-Rodding: Automotive Jewelry – Add accessories to you

Your Rat Rod has everything it can ask for, but what about you? Lots of people are plain and do not want to stand out in a crowd. But they might be interested if they could wear the right accessories.

As there are necklaces and bracelets available, have you ever thought about complimenting a button down shirt with a unique pair of hand made cufflinks? While the ordinary person would frown upon this kind of jewelry, the Rat Rod community invites. Having a piece of a car or any kind of Rat Rod for that matter attached to a piece of your clothing or any part of your body for that matter is very cool.

Keeping with tradition is what lots of old timers do. Most old Rat Rodders have the greaser look. Not many of them wore any jewelry. But as times evolve, so do people. And with it, the style is modified to fit in with today’s look. You don’t have to get super radical with the look. Just accentuate your look with a couple of pieces of modern apparel.

Cufflinks with a head from a bolt are very relevant to the clothing that are worn by Rat Rodders. Unique heads on cufflinks like acorn nut or even allen head make them that much more unique. What better way to strike up a conversation that with the coolest cufflinks at the party or next show.

Adding to your personality will not only affect you, but your Rat Rod will look like it belongs to you. You see, Rat Rods have a personality of their own, and they are developed because of what you put into them. How fitting it is to customize yourself to resemble the thing that you live for; Rat Rodding.

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