Basic Automotive Tips that Will Lengthen Your Car’s Life

Posted by at 15 July 2013, at 10 : 18 AM

Basic Automotive Tips that Will Lengthen Your Car’s Life

To lengthen the life of your car, it is important that you keep it at a topnotch condition. That said, below are a few tips that will help prolong your car’s lifespan.

Drive with great care during the break-in period

After taking your car from the dealer, be very patient. Keep your speed below 55 mph at least for the first 1,000 miles or whatever is recommended from the manufacturer’s manual. Keep the engine rpm under 3,000 and use light to medium acceleration only. Do not force your car to carry heavy loads, especially on the drivetrain. Also, avoid long periods of idle time. This is because the generated oil pressure may not be able to carry oil to every part of the car’s engine.

Be patient when driving

The break-in period is indeed crucial which is why you have to ease through it with caution. But that does not mean you can be more abusive after the break-in. In fact, you always need to drive patiently. For instance, your engine can wear out and racing it during the start-up will only speed up the process. Practice slow acceleration as you begin to drive. Experts say the first ten to twenty minutes is crucial as what you do during this period can cause the most damage to both the engine and the drivetrain.

Basic Automotive Tips for cars engine

In an attempt to warm up the engine, a lot of owners let their car on idle in the driveway. But this may not be a smart idea after all for the simple reason that the engine is not in its peak condition under extreme temperature. This will only cause incomplete fuel combustion, oil contamination, encourage soot deposits, and damage the engine’s components.

Be picky with your gas provider

It is also important that you avoid filling up the tank with dirty gasoline. One of the first things you should ask the gas station is whether or not they have pump filters and if they change it regularly. You would not want gasoline with a mix of water. So, find a reputable gas station and stick with them.

Combine small errands to one trip

You may not realize how making frequent short driving trips can damage the engine. It also causes more pollution and inefficiency with fuel consumption. So instead of making frequent short trips, combine these small driving errands to one and do it during low traffic hours.

Avoid filling up when the tanker is around

Even if you are at your trusted gas station, do not fill up when the tanker is around. It will be better if you come back after a day or two. This is because turbulence may be created in the process of filling the underground tanks. As a result, sediments are stirred up. This is harmful when it gets to your car. Sediments can cause clogging in the fuel filters and injectors. It will only result to poor performance and eventually call for repairs.

If you pay attention to your car usage and maintain great care, you can expect your vehicle to last longer. It does not take much effort to do so. You will soon realize these small things can make a huge difference, especially to the life of your cars engine.

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