Bentley Continental GT 2-door luxury coupe 1920×1080 HD

Posted by at 2 September 2014, at 12 : 55 PM

Car of the dayBentley Continental GT 2-door luxury coupe 1920×1080 HD

Bentley Continental GT’s interiors are developed with high standards. Finest leather and finest carpets are used in the interior. The interior is ultimate and flawless. The electronic gadgets are available that can be operated with smooth button touches.

You can start the car using keyless entry if you have the keys in your pocket. This is a sporty car that can turn easily in dangerous bends. With its heavy weight, the body control in Bentley Continental GT is amazing with the auto gear box. This is a quiet car but you can hear small burble from the turbo engines as you drive.

Bentley Continental is slowed down by its thirst for fuel. You cannot drive longer than 300 miles in this car with full tank. You need to stop by fuel stations quite often when you are in a long journey. Otherwise, it is an excellent car for both long and short journeys.

The cargo space is wide and you can safely put in all your things including travel bags and groceries. Accident avoidance method is great with the traction control.

The four wheel drive has made it possible to drive Bentley Continental GT faster on any weather. The crash test proved that this car is heavy and strong with eight air bags for protection.

The car is expensive and you need to pay more if you want additional features. However, compared to the other luxury cars in the market, Bentley Continental GT can be called the best in terms of luxuries, performance, and speed.

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