The Biggest Risks Of Riding A Motorcycle

Posted by at 1 May 2019, at 17 : 36 PM

The Biggest Risks Of Riding A Motorcycle

You might’ve already heard some of the scary stats around motorcyclists, like how they’re 5 times as likely to be injured in a collision but more than 25 times more likely to die in a road collision. However, if you got the need, the risks probably aren’t enough to deter you. If you’re heading out on the road on two wheels, you at least need to know how to mitigate those risks.

Being ill-equipped

Not every spill has to be quite as injurious or even fatal as they often are for motorcycle riders. The fact is that the right motorcycle gear can quite literally save your skin. As cool as you might look in denim, a proper biker jacket is designed to take those skids and grazes so that you don’t. Naturally, a helmet essential and required by law in many states (though not all). Invest in the right gear, no matter how much you might think it cramps your style. It can turn an accident into a near miss rather than something much more serious.

The Biggest Risks Of Riding A Motorcycle

Bad roads

Bad weather conditions like rain and ice are already amongst top causes of car accidents, it should be no surprise that they’re even riskier to motorcyclists who don’t have as much grip on the road. That also goes for things like potholes, oil slicks, and other road hazards. When possible, check the road and weather reports and err on the side caution by keeping off the bike when conditions are bad. Otherwise, make sure you have enough room and visibility to spot upcoming potential hazards and navigate them more slowly.

The Biggest Risks Of Riding A Motorcycle

Other drivers

In the vast majority of road collisions involving motorcyclists, over 60% of them, in fact, it’s the other motorists who are at fault, not the biker. Other drivers more regularly violate the right of way of bikers and fail to check the blind spots that bikes more easily slip into. As such, it’s essential you have the number of a personal injury law firm ready for the sheer fact that any collisions you do experience are likely to be someone else’s fault. More important, still, is to be vigilant and treat other motorists with a lot more caution than you would if you were in a car.

The Biggest Risks Of Riding A Motorcycle

Bad habits

The fact that other drivers are more likely to get you in trouble than you are, yourself, is no reason not to beware of your own bad habits. Motorcycles are a lot more likely to get into speed-related accidents simply because it’s easy to lose balance and skid out at high speeds. Similarly, just because you’re smaller doesn’t mean that you should exercise every opportunity to nimbly navigate through traffic. Learn your defensive driving techniques, be aware of your surroundings, and curb those temptations to speed even when you have an open road.

Motorcycling is truly dangerous, yet there are few thrills on the road as exhilarating. Just never let that excitement override your common sense and make sure your focus is always on safety first.

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