Targa Formula D BMW E60 M5 vs BMW F10 M5 1920×1080 HD

Posted by at 23 November 2013, at 23 : 53 PM

Cars of the day – Targa Formula D BMW E60 M5 vs BMW F10 M5 1920×1080 HD

Two gorgeous BMW’s in one shot. Featuring on the left side – a BMW F10 M5 with a gray color exterior. Featuring on the right side – a BMW E60 M5 with a pink color exterior.

This just simply a magnificent shot was taken by a photographer Alex Murtaza. The shot was taken at the Targa Trophy Invasion event or also known as Targa Formula D.

Both cars are great but if i would need to choose which one looks better (by the exterior looks), i would choose the BMW E60 M5. As for me, it simply looks better. Even knowing that the BMW F10 M5 is a newer car, but still that doesn’t mean that it looks better too. A lot of BMW fans would agree with me that the BMW E60 M5 looks better. A lot of them still prefer the E60 instead of the F10. Sure that doesn’t mean that all of them would say that the E60 looks better, because a lot of them would say that the F10 looks better, but i think the E60 would win if everyone could vote.

I’ve had a chance to drive both of these cars, and i can say that the new F10 is a better car if we sum everything. Sure it is better, because it’s simply a more modern car than the E60. The F10 has a way nicer interior as well. However, when it comes to the exterior looks, the BMW E60 M5 is still the best looking BMW M5. Especially the E60 looks great with a black color exterior.

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