A Guide to Buying Cheap Tyres and Wheels

Posted by at 23 February 2015, at 13 : 28 PM

A Guide to Buying Cheap Tyres and Wheels

Cheap tyres and wheels are an easy way to make your car look better, and in many cases, drive better as well. Alloy wheels are a common choice; once made from magnesium, they’re now made from aluminium alloys. They’re typically lighter in weight than steel wheels are, and they come in almost every size imaginable.

Here, you’ll learn about alloys, and you’ll find out how to get great wheels without breaking the bank.

What Kind of Alloys are Available?

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The two kinds of alloy wheels available are magnesium alloys and aluminium alloys. The latter are the most common, and mags are often used in racing applications. Aluminium alloys are roughly one-third the density of comparable steel wheels, and while they are more expensive, they pay off in terms of vehicle stability and performance.

Magnesium alloys (mags) are typically reserved for higher-performance cars, and they don’t bend – but they’re vulnerable to cracking. With mags, there’s the chance that they’ll burn if the car catches on fire, but that’s a small price to pay for the enhanced performance.

Attributes of Alloys

Most people looking for cheap 4×4 tyres choose alloys because of their great looks and performance enhancing capabilities. While most factory wheels are made from sheets of metal, alloys are cast or forged, which allows for greater design variation. These wheels are susceptible to corrosion, and should be sealed or painted to increase their life span.

Benefits of Alloys

Alloy wheels can change the appearance of your car, but there are other reasons to consider them if you’re looking for cheap wheels and tyres packages. Also be sure to always buy your alloys at a reputable company like AutoCraze amongst others.

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• Low weight: Most alloys are significantly lighter than steel wheels are, which reduces the unsprung mass of the car. Lower weight = increased agility and fuel economy.

• More strength: Alloys are more resistant to bending than steel wheels are, and they dissipate heat more evenly. This allows your brakes to perform better, and it prevents wheel cracking.

• Greater availability: These wheels are so popular that the selection couldn’t be broader. Some vehicles may have compatibility issues, but most can be outfitted with a variety of styles and sizes.

• Better looks: When you replace your steel wheels with alloys, you’ll improve the overall look of your car. You can find 4×4 wheels in painted, polished and chrome finishes.

There are so many benefits to outfitting your truck with alloy wheels and cheap 4×4 tyres, and you’ll reap the rewards if you ever decide to sell. When you invest in and maintain alloy wheels, the functional and aesthetic value they add will often raise the resale price of the vehicle.

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