Auto Frame Damage History Check: An Overview

Posted by at 25 February 2015, at 12 : 16 PM

Auto Frame Damage History Check: An Overview

While buying a used car, you are not aware of the condition and problems of that car beforehand. Therefore it is really important to have a frame damage history check of the car. There are essentially two ways to do it, and that is to either have a survey of the car frame done by a qualified person or run a car history check through one of the online agencies which specialize in this.

This article will look at these two methods to enable a decision to be made as to which is the right one.

Even if your dealer informs you that the used car you want to buy has never been in an accident, it is still of paramount importance that you check the frame damage of the car. This would reveal whether the car was damaged from any side, either regarding the panels or the frame itself. This way, you will be able to avoid future complications.

If you are purchasing a used vehicle, then remember that all levels of accidents from the minor to the severe can cause frame damage. To assess the extent of frame damage, you need to examine the car with an eye for detail. If the frame damage is reported, then it is advisable to have the inspection of vehicle before you decide to purchase it.

The various cars in the market have different types of frame. Some cars have frames that consist of a metal sheet which is bent and formed, then spot welded together. This creates a box which makes up the structural frame and the functional body of the car. So there is no doubt that a car with such a frame is very delicate and likely to be damaged during accidents. So before buying a used car, have the frame inspected for frame damage by a certified frame expert. Check whether the lines of the car’s body are straight. If any portion looks bent, check it with care. Check if there seems to be any unevenness in the paint of the car’s body, then it may be that the damaged portion was covered up by new paint. Check for spots of corrosion on the car’s body.

The inspection should determine any past collision such as sub frames, rust damage frame alterations, front and rear frame horns, rebuilt or damage frame channels, floor pans, upper and lower control arms, frame rails, core supports, valence panels cross members, non-factory welds, and so on.

A professional certified frame expert would be competent to confirm that the frame is identical as when it came from the factory. He would also be able to determine the extent of any past accident damage and the repair quality. So it is important to check and confirm with a professional when buying the used car. Remember, there are some dealers in the market who make the accidental frame of the car look better and in a good condition. This is a trick to get buyers easily and to fool them. Therefore a buyer should understand how to conduct a frame check to assure themselves about the condition of the car.

Another way to make some check on the frame history of the car is to do an online check using one of the car history checking companies. This will highlight whether the car has been in an accident and whether the car received any damage to the frame. At the very least, a car history check should be carried out as a bare minimum of care when buying a used car.

As can be seen, checking the condition of the car frame is of extreme importance. By following the advice above, it should be possible to have the least possible chance of buying a frame damaged used car. Use the online checking services and also employ a frame specialist to personally survey the car for added protection.

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