Why Does My Car Make That Noise?

Posted by at 24 April 2014, at 11 : 13 AM

Why Does My Car Make That Noise?

Your car is your life, especially if you have a family. You rely on it to get you back and forth from work and safely transport your family. But what do you do when odd noises start popping up? Does it mean something’s wrong with your car, or does it mean it’s just getting old?

Make no mistake machines have all kinds of noises, and cars are no exception. As they get older they make more noises, and these noises are divided between good and bad. Good noises are what you’d expect to hear out of your car. If your vehicle is over ten years old then it’s going to make some form of creaking, grinding, or vibration that’s related to its age. These are often non problematic and just the noise that your car makes.

Here we will discuss a few noises that are NOT normal and are caused by serious mechanical problems that can permanently damage your car. Noises like a high pitch squeal, a grinding sound, one that sounds like metal is rubbing on metal, or any vibrating sounds are NOT normal. Sounds like these should be taken seriously and your should schedule an appointment with a mechanic immediately. While you are driving to the mechanic notice where the noise is coming from, and when it makes these noises so you can give the mechanic a more detailed description. It will help them determine what’s wrong with your car a little faster.

If you press the brake pedal and there’s a grinding or other abnormal sound as your car stops then this indicates you might want to have your brakes looked at. Scrapping and bumping noises against the car body when you go over rough areas may indicate something is wrong with the suspension. You also have various other noises and symptoms that are related to the undercarriage. However, the general consensus is that if a noise pops up that shouldn’t be there you should get it checked out.

If you catch a problem early on it will prevent that problem from causing more serious problems and costing you way much more if you end up waiting too long. Plus, a car problem is never really a small problem. If your car stops working it can cause serious problems for you. They are also extremely dangerous to you and your car. You can have a malfunction causing an accident or your car can stop working all together.

Why Does My Car Make Bad Noises

Another way to know if you are having a problem is by your vehicles performance. If your car is running differently than usual then you should take it in to a mechanic. Keep an eye out for poor gas mileage, rough acceleration, very hard starts, not starting, and rough idling. Pay close attention to your car.

To avoid mechanical issues with your vehicle here are some tips

Number one would be to have your car maintained regularly. Also, have your brakes, suspension, undercarriage, and tires checked frequently even when there isn’t any warning signs. The last tip is to drive your car like it matters. Don’t idle too high, and don’t be rough with it.

Now, after you’ve read this, you probably won’t be having any more questions about why does my car make that noise, because it should be all clear now.

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