Your Car Needs These 3 Things To Run Safely!

Posted by at 15 May 2019, at 12 : 01 PM

Your Car Needs These 3 Things To Run Safely!

It doesn’t matter what type of car you have, from a vintage Camaro to a brand new Roll Royce, there are some fundamental aspects that you will always need to maintain if your vehicle is to be safe. Luckily you can find all about these in our post below.

Effective breaks

You only need to think about the fact that every time you get behind the wheel of your vehicle, you are piloting tons of metal at high speed to remind you how vital your breaks actually are.

There are two main parts to any breaks system: the brake wire that transmits the signal to activate the pads, and the pads themselves. The latter being what pushes against the tires to slow them down.

Of course, some vehicles have advanced braking systems (ABS) as well which allow you to pump the breaks during a skid, and gain better control of the car in an emergency. Some cars even have a break warning system if you get too close to another vehicle.

However, NO matter what type of braking features your vehicle has it is crucial that you get them checked and repaired regularly if you want to be as safe as possible on the road.

Luckily you can take your car to specialists like La Mesa Automotive N’ Alignment as they can perform this service for you. Something that will save you having to do your own checks and will ensure that your brakes are not only working but will be as efficient and safe as possible.

The right tires

Next, if you want your vehicle to run as safely as possible, it’s essential that you get the right type of tires. Of course, this can be somewhat complicated because different vehicles will need different types of tires, and it is advisable to swap your tires out as the season changes. The reason being that it can help you achieve more traction with the road, and so make any journey you do safer.

Of course, you can check your tires, and even fit new ones at home if you like. Something that you can find out more on in the video below.

Wing mirrors in the right positions

When driving you really only have a limited view of what is in front of you. A problem that is solved to some extent by the use of wing mirrors which allow you to see further around your vehicle and so watch out for any other pedestrians or road users like motorcyclists.

Now, the key here is to ensure that you have them at the right angle for the person that is driving the car. What this means is that if you share a car with someone else, be sure that you put them back into the correct position for you step off. Otherwise, you could end up putting not only your own safety at risk but the wellbeing of your passengers and any other people that are using the roads as well.

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