Car supermarkets target digital excellence to get ahead

Posted by at 19 June 2013, at 13 : 22 PM

Car supermarkets target digital excellence to get ahead

Traditionally, if you wanted to buy a car your only choices were to look in the local paper or head down to your local dealership hoping beyond hope that your dream car at the right price would be waiting for you. That has all changed though with the internet, which offers a simple way to finding your ideal car at the right price anywhere in the UK.

Each year, Auto Trader’s Click Awards honour a dealership, manufacturer and car supermarket that has embraced the online world and driven their business forward through digital excellence. Car Supermarkets have been the business model that has truly thrived in the internet world due to putting money and expertise behind their digital campaigns to bring in customers that would otherwise not heard of them and here’s how they have done it:

Harnessing the power of Google

Car supermarkets finding car sales websites online on Google

The automotive industry has embraced the power of Google more than any other as a way of drumming up business. Used Car Supermarkets have been especially prudent with pushing their brand as high up Google as possible. By optimising their website with key content around their area of expertise, say used cars in Lincoln, they can bring in more customers that are looking for a car around that area and increase the likelihood of a potential sale.

Quick response times

It’s not all about just getting customers to your website as if they have a bad experience when they get there they won’t buy anything. Used car supermarkets have gone the extra mile to really improve their conversion rates. The Click Awards said that the benchmark for replies to queries was four hours, but now via online chat functions car supermarkets can speak to customers directly to answer any questions instantly making their chances of booking a test drive or bagging a sale much higher.

Search functionality on-site

Often internet shoppers are browsing online with no real intention to buy immediately unless they find a great deal and the opportunity to bag a bargain. Used car supermarkets have understood that often customers are not sure what car to buy and have added quick, flexible and reliable search functionality to their websites. This enables customers to refine their searching by area, make, model, age, condition and many more; as well as comparing and contrasting the suitable models side by side to see which would suit them best.

Car supermarket websites have become a one stop shop for searching, part-exchanging, selling and buying a second hand car; making them the ideal place to start your search.

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