How to Change a Flat Tire: 10 Simple Steps

Posted by at 26 October 2014, at 16 : 41 PM

How to Change a Flat Tire: 10 Simple Steps

So your tire went flat huh!? No big deal, here’s how to change it. First you should roll to solid flat ground if you can, so you can safely jack up the car. Pop your trunk and pull up the bottom rug; you should see either a spare tire or a board that the tire is under along with a jack and a lug wrench. If you find just the tire, then look behind any panels that look like they move because sometimes they’re on the side tucked away. There should be a picture on the jack on where to place it under the car. If you can’t find it, then any spot that is strong and stable, close to but not in the way of the tire, should do.

Step by step how to change a flat tire, ready!

1) Loosen each lug nut by spinning them counter clock wise just enough to get them to feel loose.

2) Place the jack in the safest place you can, which is usually a flat strong surface under the car close to the wheel. Begin jacking up the car until the tire clears the ground, and you have some extra space for the tire that’s not flat.

3) Stand up and give the car a good shove to make sure it’s stable and safe on the jack.

4) Take the lug nuts off and set them aside, you’ll need them later.

5) Take the tire off. If it gets stuck, give it a good kick with the back of your heel until it does start to pop, then pull it off.

6) Line up the lug nut holes and put the spare tire on.

7) Thread the lug nuts until they are snug against the rim and then tighten down in a cross pattern.

8) Lower the jack slowly until the jack is back in the closed or down position.

9) Finish tightening the tire down nice and tight using a good amount of body weight to ensure it stays on.

10) Clean up and you’re back on the road! Have it checked by a professional just to be safe and remember that a spare is only good a short time. Leaving it on can wreak havoc on your alignment.

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