Driver Stereotypes: 4 People We Hate Seeing On The Roads!

Posted by at 13 October 2017, at 12 : 09 PM

Driver Stereotypes: 4 People We Hate Seeing On The Roads!

Today, we’re going to talk about driver stereotypes. These are the types of driver you see on the roads wherever you go. They get on your nerves, and you wish you never had to deal with them. If it were up to you, all of these drivers would spend their lives in prison.

Check out the four stereotypes I’ve come up with, and join me in despising them all.

The Boy Racer

Boy racers are a driver stereotype you can’t bear to see on the roads. No matter where you live, you will always have at least one or two boy racers in your sights during your daily commute. These are the guys in their Volkswagen Golf’s revving their engine thinking they’re in a Bugatti Veyron. If one pulls up next to you at a set of traffic lights, you can bet they’ll be revving away trying to get your attention. In their mind, they think that the fact you’re level with each other at a stop means you’re in a race. So, when the lights change, they’re speeding off as fast as they can, and you just know that a call with an auto accident lawyer is just around the corner.

It’s not just stop lights that bring out the boy racers, it’s pretty much everywhere. They’ll try and overtake you on narrow roads and don’t give a damn about the speed limit. Quite frankly, they put everyone else at risk, and I’m amazed some driving instructor passed them. I mean, just look at this article from New Zealand about a boy racer gang last year; They pretty much took over a whole town with their donuts, tire spins, and reckless driving. Granted, not every boy racer is that bad, but at best, they’re highly annoying drivers.

The Show Off

This stereotypical driver is a close relative of the boy racer. In fact, the two can often interlink and evolve into, dare I say it, a boy racer show off! Essentially, a show off is anyone that drives around in their fancy car purely to show it off. You know who I mean, those guys that go flying down the road in their Porsche 911, only to come to a stop 50 meters later. It’s pointless things like this that make show offs incredibly annoying.

Not only that, but they also do things like playing their music extremely loud, so everyone has to turn around and see where the noise is coming from. Nine times out of ten, if you hear a loud song playing, it’ll be from someone in a flashy car. Admittedly, there is an element of jealousy with show-offs – let’s face it, we all want their cars. But, we don’t buy them because a) they’re way too expensive, and b) there’s no point in owning a flashy car as it’s impractical. Instead, you could have just as much fun in one of the budget performance cars seen here Was that a shameless plug of a previous article? Yes, it was! But, my point is that there are great cars out there that are more affordable and practical than flashy ones. This is what annoys me so much about show offs because surely the only reason they buy their cars is to, well, show off!

Driver Stereotypes: 4 People We Hate Seeing On The Roads!

The Texter

So many car journeys are elongated because you’re stuck behind someone that’s glued to their phone at the traffic lights. The light turned green, and you’ve been sat there for a good minute without anything happening. People are honking their horns, and you finally catch a glimpse of the driver at the front as they jolt up from looking at their phone and slowly pull away. Of course, by then, the lights have turned back to red, and only two cars managed to make it through. What. An. Idiot.

The worst thing is, this example right here is the best case scenario when you spot a texter on the roads. As it’s noted here, texting while driving is one of the leading causes of car accidents in the country. So, if you’re unlucky, an encounter with one of these reckless drivers can land you with a busted up car, or worse. Honestly, with modern technology and things like Siri, there’s really no need to text while you’re in the car. It’s lazy, stupid, and dangerous – don’t do it, kids!

The Snail

Often, snails are also referred to as slow coaches, slowpokes, or tortoises. As you can probably guess, this stereotype is slow drivers. There’s nothing wrong with driving slow, but you should only do it when necessary. Is it wet or icy out? Yes – drive slow. Is there lots of traffic, or an accident nearby? Yes – drive slow. But, if you’re just driving down the road and there’s no traffic with perfect driving conditions, don’t drive 10 mph under the speed limit!

Snails slow everyone else down and create long lines of traffic. To add to this, they actually make the roads a more dangerous place. When someone is driving so slowly, you get annoyed and want to overtake them. This leads to people taking risks just to try and get ahead of the slow car. In fact, I advise you to give this page a read as it tells you how to overtake safely. You’ll find it very useful when you end up behind a slow driver.

Of course, this has all been a little bit of fun and games, but there’s no denying these drivers are annoying. Not only that, but they’re all a danger to other drivers too. People that drive too fast are just as bad as people driving too slow, and distracted drivers cause accidents all the time too. The fun thing about this article is now I’ve got you all thinking whether you’re one of these stereotypes! If you still think you’re a great driver, then, why don’t you put your skills to the test by taking this quiz Go on, prove to yourself you drive well!

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