Why We’ve Fallen In Love With The Dodge Challenger

Posted by at 30 March 2021, at 09 : 57 AM

Why We’ve Fallen In Love With The Dodge Challenger

Dodge is a company with a reputation for building some of the most iconic cars in American history. Even in the 1960s, the brand was churning out vehicles that people bought in their droves. There was just something so exciting and innovative about the brand.

The Dodge Challenger – along with the Viper – probably stands as the brand’s crowning achievement. Early models were big, boxy, and beautiful, capable of catapulting drivers to never-before-seen speeds.

The modern Hellcat version is similar. Packing more than 800 BHP, the level of performance it provides is second-to-none. (At least as far as American vehicles go).

But why do we love this car so much? What makes them so special?

It’s Built For Fun

A Dodge Challenger is not a practical car. The designers didn’t create it to whisk you across town to the store or pick up the kids. Instead, they created it for pure, unabashed fun. They wanted their customers to drive these cars hard, getting every last drop of performance from the engine.

It was always this way, though, right the way back to the 1960s. Dodge never made a boring challenger. Every single vehicle in the brand’s range has always been gloriously impractical.

It’s Extremely Powerful

Dodge Challengers are among the most powerful road-legal vehicles ever made. Yes, some European exotics have higher numbers, but you’re often paying ten times more for only a slight performance improvement.

In many ways, the modern Challenger represents the pinnacle of combustion engine technology. It will probably go down in history as the greatest instantiation of ICE ever, thanks to the upcoming electric revolution.

It’s Adrenaline-Pumping

Dodge Challengers are no Volvos. The focus of the vehicle is explicitly not to keep you safe. Instead, it’s all about the experience.

Dodge doesn’t want harm to come to befall its customers. But the vehicle is light on safety technology compared to, say, a similarly-priced Mercedes. The need for relentless car accident attorneys, therefore, is understandable. The car is just plain dangerous in the wrong hands.

But even though that might sound like a negative, it makes you feel alive. It gives you a real thrill every time you depress the gas pedal.

It Looks Fantastic

Why We've Fallen In Love With The Dodge Challenger

Dodge Challengers have always been great-looking vehicles. But the modern interaction is probably the most extreme of the bunch. Unlike European supercars, Dodge doesn’t design them to look pretty or curvy. Instead, it focuses on the impact of the visual experience. Looking at a Challenge, you can’t help feeling a little bowled over.

At the front are two round headlights flanked by inlet nozzles, designed to provide additional air circulation to the engine compartment. You get a massive front grille, huge alloy wheels, and massive tires.

These cars are actually coupés, though looking at them, you have to adjust your eyes. They look much more like traditional saloon cars.

So, in summary, we’ve fallen in love with the Dodge Challenger. It provides the kind of thrilling driving experience that real motorheads want. And that’s what makes it special.

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