Ferrari 430 Scuderia crashed while driving at 300 km/h speed

Posted by at 3 May 2013, at 18 : 30 PM

Ferrari 430 Scuderia crashed while driving at 300 km/h speed

This unlucky Ferrari 430 Scuderia crashed badly in Germany, because its tire burst while driving at 300 km/h (~186 mph). The driver of this car lost control of the car, and the car hit a sidewall of the road.

A 41 years old male with his wife was driving the Ferrari 430, but both are fine and got away with just minor injuries. When you look at the car, and you see that it’s basically almost completely destroyed, you definitely can say that the Ferrari is a safe car, or these people are really lucky. But no, these people aren’t just lucky, because Ferrari cars are way more safer in a crash accident than just some regular car. Obviously it doesn’t mean that you always can get away practically fine after such crash, but overall, it’s still a pretty safe car.

As you can see from a picture below, this is where exactly the Ferrari 430 Scuderia got wrecked after losing control of the car because of burst tire — They are lucky that there were no trees close to the road, because if they would have crashed into a tree, things would be way different now.

Ferrari 430 Scuderia crashing spot on the road

And these two other pictures below show the car from different angles, and you can clearly see how badly the Ferrari got wrecked. Definitely can’t be repaired after such a devastating destruction of the car.

Ferrari 430 Scuderia crashed and got destroyed badly

Ferrari 430 Scuderia crashed and completely destroyed

I can bet this accident was horrific to these people, and it’s good that they are okay now. It looks scary by just looking at the photos of this wrecked Ferrari, so just imagine the feeling of how it should feel to be involved in such accident.

Everyday, a lot of cars get wrecked in car accidents and most happen because of speeding too much or bad driving skills. But some happen because of bad luck, because it’s obviously that it’s bad luck to blow your tire while driving at such a high speed. A lot of cars crash often because of burst tires, even while driving at a way smaller speed. So always remember that this can happen to you as well and don’t speed too much and drive safe.

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