Top Tricks that’ll Help you to Get Your Car Repaired After an Accident

Posted by at 5 April 2018, at 18 : 23 PM

Top Tricks that’ll Help you to Get Your Car Repaired After an Accident

If you have ever been involved in a car accident then you will know what a horrible experience it can be. You’ll also know how frustrating it can be to get absolutely everything sorted out afterwards, and this includes your insurance, your car repairs and more. The truth is that a lot of people don’t believe that they have options when it comes to their insurance, and they feel as though they have to do whatever their insurance company tell them to do. This is not the case at all, and if you are not happy with something or if you feel as though you can get a better outcome by tweaking the process then it is more than possible for you to do this.

Choosing your Insurance

Did you know that if you are not at fault, you can actually choose which insurance company to go through in order to get your car fixed? If you go through the one that you have now then they are obligated to provide you with the repairs required. When you go through someone else, you will have to go through an accident liability process. If the other party admits that they are at fault then the whole process is actually much faster but if they don’t then you will have to go through a whole police report. This can take a couple of weeks, but once this happens, you don’t have to come up with your deductible at all. When you go through someone else, they’ll have to go through a tort and this means that although they have no contract that binds them to fix your car, they do have a civil and legal duty to do so. Ultimately, it’s much easier to go through your own insurance company, but there is an “out” if you aren’t happy with them.

Choosing an Auto Repair Service

The insurance company that you go through, whether it is your own or another will have a car repair service that they use. They may even be able to give you a couple of options. You can go with their suggestion or you can have someone else do the repairs for you. At the end of the day, the insurance company doesn’t want to have a shoddy repair job on their hands so they will usually use someone who is incredibly reputable. You do however have the right to take your car to another garage, but if you do this then the insurance company will have to agree on the same price with the new garage and they have every right to take bids from other garage as well. If you have been in a collision, it may be worth contacting Sevey, Donahue & Talcott to see if they can offer you some compensation for your injuries.

Top Tricks that’ll Help you to Get Your Car Repaired After an Accident

Another tip is that if your car is not obliterated after the crash, you can actually ask to have the cash instead of getting your car repaired. This cash probably won’t amount to the cost of the repair, but it is ideal if you plan on scrapping the car so that you can use it towards your next purchase.

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