Driving Habits That Will Get You In An Accident, Sooner Or Later

Posted by at 7 April 2018, at 15 : 45 PM

Driving Habits That Will Get You In An Accident, Sooner Or Later

Accidents happen and sometimes we have little to no control over how they do. But most of the time, we are the ones with the most influence over how likely we are to hurt ourselves or damage our property. In particular, we can all stop the habits that are statistically most likely to get ourselves into a collision in the first place.


It is fast becoming one of the most serious risks on the road. There are a lot of ways to get distracted while driving. External distractions such as other people talking or being too active in the car are one type but it’s the internal distraction, caused by you, that is most dangerous. Talking on the phone, eating, applying makeup, or taking your focus off the road is incredibly dangerous, even if you’re stopped at a traffic light. Every second counts when you’re in a risky situation and potential threats can pop out in moments at any time.

Loss of focus

Driving without the proper focus on the road is even more dangerous. We’re not talking about simple distraction but driving when your thoughts are elsewhere. It is one of the easiest ways to make yourself entirely liable for an accident. See Lawyertime.com for more information on the kind of damages you can be paying if you’re found responsible for losing focus and causing a crash. Sometimes, it’s because you’re sleepy, but most often, loss of focus is caused by intoxication by alcohol or other mood-altering substances.

Glossing over maintenance

Most car owners are guilty of not giving their vehicles the full attention they deserve. Look at CostULessDirect.com to ensure that your current maintenance habits are up to scratch. By getting more familiar with your vehicle and how it works, you are much more likely to spot potential faults and malfunctions before they lead to increased risk on the roads.


Mindful or otherwise, driving too fast is risky to your license, your health, and others on the road. Most people don’t set off with the intention of speeding, of course. So, look at methods to curb the impulse or habit, such as leaving for the commute ten minutes earlier, so you feel less rushed, or playing relaxing music as you drive. Try to avoid the stress that caused many to speed in the first place with tips from ZenHabits.com.

Forgetting blind spots

We all share the road with other drivers and many of them will be in vehicles entirely unlike our own. When it comes to larger vehicles like trucks, trailers, and tractors, it pays to be aware of their blind spots, areas that the driver can’t effectively see in. By remaining in a vehicle’s blind spot, the other driver cannot react to your presence on the road. For instance, they might make a sudden stop without behind aware you’re likely to backend them.

Being mindful is the first and most important step to becoming a safer driver. Think actively about road safety instead of forcing yourself to react to situations on the fly. It makes you better prepared for dangerous situations and, thus, more likely to make it out of them unscathed.

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