Important Safety Tips For Truck Drivers

Posted by at 19 May 2020, at 08 : 40 AM

Important Safety Tips For Truck Drivers

If you are crazy about driving and you want to spend all of your time behind the wheel, you may be thinking about driving for a living. Driving a truck is one of the most common driving jobs out there, and if you love the open road, it’s perfect. However, driving a truck is a lot different from driving a car, and it’s a lot more dangerous. If you are going to drive a truck, it’s so important that you know how to do it safely, so you can protect other drivers on the road. These are some of the most important truck safety tips that you need to know before you get behind the wheel.

Respect The Truck

When you are driving a truck, it’s so important that you understand the sheer power and size of the vehicle and you respect the truck accordingly. A truck is at least 20 times heavier than a standard car, which means that you will do a huge amount of damage if you crash into somebody. It’s important that you remember just how powerful and potentially dangerous your truck is, so you are always paying attention to safety and not driving irresponsibly.

Be Aware of Blind Spots

Trucks have a lot of blind spots and it’s vital that you are aware of them at all times. The passenger side blind spot is the largest blind spot on a truck. It extends all the way down the side of the trailer and covers a few lanes of traffic. The driver’s side also has a smaller blind spot that starts below the window and extends towards the back of the trailer. There is a blind spot that extends for 20 feet directly in front of the trailer as well, and another for around 30 feet behind the trailer. It’s vital that you are always considering these blind spots when driving to ensure that you are not putting other drivers in danger.

Take Regular Breaks

If you are driving long distances in a truck, it’s so important that you take regular breaks. Driving when tired is just as dangerous as driving under the influence of alcohol, and you are far more likely to have an accident because your concentration and reaction times are slowed right down. If you end up falling asleep at the wheel, that can be disastrous and there is a high chance of a fatal crash.

Maintain Proper Stopping Distance

If you do find yourself in a potentially dangerous situation, it’s important that you are able to bring the truck to a safe stop, which is why you need to pay attention to stopping distance. Increasing your speed even by 10mph can have a big impact on your stopping distance and make it far more dangerous for other drivers on the road. It’s so important that you adjust your speed and keep plenty of distance between you and other cars, so you are able to stop in time if you need to.

As long as you follow these important safety rules, you can enjoy your job as a truck driver without putting yourself or anybody else in danger.

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