5 Compelling Reasons To Make Your Next Vehicle a Truck

Posted by at 13 May 2020, at 11 : 05 AM

5 Compelling Reasons To Make Your Next Vehicle a Truck

Whatever vehicle currently drive, it’s likely been some time since it’s seen any meaningful action. Under the current lockdown you and your significant other have probably been working from home or furloughed, venturing out only sparingly and when absolutely necessary. You’ve taken steps to make sure that your vehicle will be in good shape under lockdown. You filled the tank to prevent droplets of water from forming in it. You washed and waxed the bodywork and covered it with a tarp. But it’s okay to admit it, deep down you’re wondering if maybe now is the time for a change. The coming of summer combined with a tentative optimism as lockdown measures are eased slightly all over the world have us thinking about investing in the future.

And what investment could be more prudent right now than a new vehicle? One that’s robust enough to cope with your changing needs and the demands of an uncertain future. And if you want a vehicle that’s futureproof, why not consider a truck? Even if you’ve never owned a truck before, there can be significant advantages. Vehicles like this New RAM Truck for sale can offer a safe, pleasurable and secure driving experiences, no matter where you live. Here ae some compelling reasons to make your next vehicle a truck…

Superior acceleration

This one is especially appealing at the moment. With much of the world still under lockdown, the roads are likely to be quieter, clearer and more smog-free than they have been for years. What better way to enjoy the newly open roads than by testing out your truck’s acceleration. With twice as much traction on road surfaces, a truck or SUV with AWD (All Wheel Drive) can offer faster and more responsive acceleration. This can give you a greater feeling of freedom on country roads while also allowing you to capitalize on fleeting opportunities on busy urban roads.

More responsive

You could be forgiven for thinking that smaller, lower and more agile vehicles are more responsive, giving you a better feeling of control. However, there are many reasons why a truck may actually be more responsive whether you’re hurtling down a country lane or navigating thronging cityscapes.

With AWD, you can be assured of superior traction, allowing you to navigate tight corners with ease and feel completely in control even in wet or icy conditions.

Easier to maneuver

Worried about embarrassing bumps when parallel parking? Scared of 3 point turns which actually take 5 or 6 points? You may be surprised to learn that the higher vantage point of a truck or SUV actually gives you better visibility while the superior traction makes for better maneuverability.

Statistically safer

Safety is of paramount importance when choosing a vehicle. The robust build of a truck combined with its superior handling make it better able to avoid and protect you from accidents. Hence, trucks are statistically 20% safer than cars.

Large and roomy

Finally, none of us really knows what the future holds. We may find ourselves moving home, picking up a new hobby, or bringing a little one into the family. Whatever your circumstances, a little extra room in your vehicle can be hugely advantageous!

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