How To Keep Your Car Looking New No Matter What

Posted by at 27 November 2019, at 11 : 24 AM

How To Keep Your Car Looking New No Matter What

One of the best economical decisions that you could make is to keep your vehicle in as good condition as is possible. The cost of keeping a vehicle for ten years is huge, and so you want it to remain in good condition so that this cost isn’t more than it should be. Keeping a car over a decade is far better for your wallet than constantly upgrading to a new model. The thing is, people will always update their vehicles, whether that’s because of peer pressure or just because they want a car “in date”. This can be a false economy for your vehicle, and yet if you take care of the car you have, you may find that it lasts you longer than you thought.

The good news is that there is a lot that you can do to keep your car in the best possible condition, and it goes far beyond expert auto detailing! Below, you’ll follow some excellent tips to keep your car looking new no matter what.

1. Keep your car out of the way – so in the garage, not the driveway – when not in use. The amount of damage caused by the climate is unreal and your car deserves way more than that. Damage doesn’t just happen in the heat, but during the night. The moisture that condenses on the surface of the car can be a problem, and when this happens, it can be awful for your car to handle. Keep it locked away in a dry area and you may not encounter this problem.

2. Don’t have a driveway? Well, perhaps it’s time to keep your car under an overhang. Get one installed if you don’t have one and don’t be afraid to really spend on it. You need to keep your car from being covered in dew, and car covers are a helpful idea.

3. Did you know that regular waxing is one of the best things that you can do to protect your car from the elements? If you wax your car for every 5,000 it drives, you’ll have 4 layers on it by 20K. This can help you to restore clarity to the surface of your vehicle and keep it looking brand new.

4. The exterior of your car needs regular cleaning and washes to keep it free of contaminants, which is where auto detailing comes in handy. Get yours cleaned twice a month, inside and out, to keep the whole vehicle looking fresh and new.

5. Motor cleaning should happen twice a year or more. The cleaner your motor, the better you can have your car ready for a preventative inspection. It also means that your motor will run far cooler than you anticipated and it’s overall a better option for your vehicle.

Your car deserves the very best attention to keep running smoothly, so learn what’s going to work for your car and stick with it. You’re going to find that your car looks newer for longer when you look after it properly!

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