Keeping Your Car Clean in Poor Winter Weather

Posted by at 14 January 2020, at 10 : 35 AM

Keeping Your Car Clean in Poor Winter Weather

One of the worst things about winter is how dirty everything gets. You might struggle to keep mud out of your house, and everyone’s shoes might be covered in dirt. After particularly wet weather, everything seems damp and smells off, and your car seems to be filthy all the time.

A dirty car doesn’t just look untidy. It gives the impression that you don’t care about it. That you don’t take pride in your vehicle. It also puts your car at greater risk. Leaves and other mulch could get under the hood, causing damage to your engine and blocking things up. Even if you aren’t bothered about how your car looks, every time you open a door or the trunk, your hands will get dirty, spreading germs and pollution to everything that you touch. Your clothes might even get dirty as you get in and out. Your car doesn’t have to be dirty all winter, however. There is plenty that you can do to keep it clean, even in the coldest months.

Make Some Upgrades

Waxing your car can help to keep it looking clean, and protect it from weather damage. But, you’ll have to relax regularly, and your vehicle might still look unclean. An alternative in cquartz finest ceramic coating could be more effective. Ceramic coating helps to keep your car clean and protects it from even the worst weather. It could even save you money on cleaning and maintenance over the coming months.

Don’t Forget the Inside

The inside of your car can also get much dirtier in the winter as you drive with mud on your shoes, and leaves and other debris blow inside when you open your door.

Unfortunately, there’s not much that you can do to stop this. Investing in seat covers, and easy to clean mats, and being careful when getting in and out of the car will help. But, the best thing that you can do is vacuum and wipe the insides regularly.

Open a Window

Our cars often start to smell a little musty in the wintertime, when we’ve got the heating on, and the windows closed all of the time. An air freshener will help, but the best thing that you can do is open the window for a few minutes each day to let in a little fresh air.

Drive Carefully

Your car will stay cleaner if you drive carefully. Drive slowly to avoid flicking mud and debris up off the road, and try to avoid large puddles and other mess on the road.

Don’t Give Up

A big problem with keeping our vehicles clean in the winter is that we just give up. What’s the point in taking your car to be washed when it’s going to rain soon anyway? Why bother? Well, if you keep up with basic cleaning, it will look better and be less prone to rust and other damage. Sure, it will get dirty again faster than it would in the summer, but not as dirty as it would if you just left it to build up.

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