Life-Saving Car Features You Need in the Summer

Posted by at 23 July 2022, at 07 : 29 AM

Life-Saving Car Features You Need in the Summer

Extreme seasons like winter bring many problems for cars. But even when the weather is hot, it can be an issue. So here are some life-saving car features you need in the summer.

Electric Windows

Cars have windows as a matter of course. But they can help with more than just seeing in the summer. When it gets too hot, one of the best things you can do is wind down the windows and let the air in. But while you’re driving, it’s best not to fiddle with manual window knobs. It’s better to ensure your car has electric windows instead. This way, you can control the windows from the driver’s seat whenever you need to. And the same goes for the sunroof. Most cars have electric sunroofs these days, but get a sunroof repair if it doesn’t work. Or things can get heated.

Life-Saving Car Features Include Air Conditioning

Chrysler’s 1953 Imperial was the first car with air conditioning. While air conditioning used to be a luxury in vehicles, it’s becoming more standard these days. A/C is great for keeping a steady temperature inside your car when the hot summer sun is beating down outside. So it’s always a great idea to include it as an option when you buy a new vehicle. But you can have A/C kits installed if you don’t already have them. It doesn’t cost much and is a great help when the sun gets unbearable. Open the windows in the city and use A/C on open roads for better efficiency.

Windshield Covers

If you leave your car sitting in the sun, the temperature inside can reach 125F. That’s unbearable for anyone, let alone your kids or pets. But you can severely reduce the temperature with a simple windshield cover. A windshield cover reflects the heat, so it doesn’t build up in your car. So you can drive in comfort, and your legs won’t stick to your car seat. There are also health benefits. You can prevent severe conditions like heat stroke and exhaustion by keeping your car cooler. And to help out the covers a little, you can place ice packs on your seats.

Blindspot Mirrors

It’s great to go out on the road in the summer. Whether it’s a road trip or a travel destination like the beach, it’s always fun. But there’s usually a lot more traffic on the road in summer too. And with increased traffic comes increased danger. But blindspot mirrors can help with the following:

* Spot drunk drivers coming up at speed
* You can see motorcyclists speeding at your side
* Helps reduce the chance of a lane-changing accident
* Provides better overall visibility
* It can allow you to park better at a busy beach

Accidents will happen, no matter how prepared you are. A blind spot mirror will help you see things better. But it’s not a substitute for common sense and good driving skills. It’s also not an idiot shield. So while it’s a great help and could save your life, you still need to stay vigilant.

Anti-Rain Glass Treatment

The summer sun is enjoyable and gives you an excuse to get out on the road. But following the intense sun comes heavy rain. And heavy rain on the road is no picnic. First, there’s hydroplaning, where your car loses grip on a wet road. Your visibility can be massively reduced even with the wipers at full speed. But you can get treatment for your windshield that greatly improves visibility. Products like Rain-X are excellent for helping you out when it rains. You simply wipe it over your windshield like wax to form a layer that makes rain droplets roll away.

Headlight Restorations are Life-Saving Car Features

Summer is known for long days we can all enjoy. But eventually, it does get dark. And driving home after a long day with friends and family means more risk on the roads. Headlights are vital for seeing the night while driving. But your headlights can get foggy over time as they are prone to oxidation, which is caused by UV rays from the sun. This is obviously stronger and more frequent in the summer. But you can get headlight restorer kits very cheap. They typically come as wipes to apply the solution to your headlights, making them as good as new.

Tyre Pressure Checkers

You should always keep an eye on your tire pressure. Good tire pressure means your car will grip the road better. But your tire pressure needs to stay between 30 and 35 PSI. Any more or less could be disastrous. But it’s even more important in summer because every 10 degrees of heat raises your tire pressure by 0.1 bar. Most modern cars come with tire pressure monitors built-in. But if you don’t have one, you can get tire pressure checkers from DIY and car care stores pretty cheap. Or from online eCommerce sites like Amazon.


Summer is the best time to get out with family. But there are some life-saving car features you need. These include electric windows, blindspot mirrors, and tire pressure checkers.

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