Mad road rage battle: Toyota Hilux vs Volvo Truck (video)

Posted by at 15 January 2015, at 20 : 06 PM

Mad road rage battle: Toyota Hilux vs Volvo Truck (video)

Now, this is definitely a mad road rage battle on a public road. I’ve probably never seen such a crazy and at the same time stupid road rage in my life — trust me, I’ve seen a ton of crazy road rage videos before — but this one goes to the top easily.

I can’t say that both of the drivers are stupid equally, because clearly, the truck’s driver is more mad. To drive such a big truck on the public road and do such stupid things is just plain stupid.

Both drivers were arrested after the incident. And their driver licenses were taken too I guess (I hope so…).

No, this happened not in Russia by the way. This happened in Thailand. I know that a lot of you were thinking, “Another road rage in Russia”. Not only Russia has crazy drivers. You can find them basically in every country. Some have less, others have more…

Check out a video below and see everything by yourself:

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