Tips on Maintaining Your Tires, Wheels and Windshield

Posted by at 24 August 2016, at 19 : 47 PM

Tips on Maintaining Your Tires, Wheels and Windshield

One of the most important parts owning a car is knowing how to properly maintain it. The more time and energy you put into keeping your car looking and running great, the more it will pay off in the end. By properly taking care of your car, you will ensure that your car will retain its value and also run more efficiently. If you neglect to take care of your car, you will experience problems, and the resale value will decrease significantly. The following are a few maintenance tips to use on your car in order to keep it in top notch condition.

The Windshield

One of the most important parts of being able to see while driving in your car is a clean windshield. When driving, your windshield will take a lot of abuse due to being pelted with bugs and other types of road debris. The best way to clean off your car’s windshield is by mixing up a bit of glass cleaner and a splash of windshield cleaner. You need to spray this concoction on the windshield and let it sit for around ten minutes because this will help to loosen up the bugs and other residue. Use a thicker high quality sponge to wash the mixture off to make sure that you get it all.

Checking the Wheels

Whether you have 18 Mercedes wheels or just stock spokes, regularly checking your wheels and rims is a vital part of owning a car. You need to spin the wheels on occasion and then listen for a rumble in hub assembly because this is an indication that you need new wheel bearings. You need to also check the spokes on your rims by taping each spoke. A higher pitched ping means that the spoke is tightened like it should be, but a lower thud means that you need to tighten it.

The Tires

One of the most important elements on any car is the tires, which is the only part of your car that actually touches the ground. You need to check to make sure that they are properly inflated and that they have enough tread on them. If you notice that the tires are cracking, then, you need to think about replacing them in the near future. By neglecting to check your tires on a regular basis, you are putting yourself in danger.

Usually, you will need to seek out some professional help when attempting to maintain your car.

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