The Most Common Causes of Road Traffic Accidents

Posted by at 18 August 2016, at 21 : 50 PM

The Most Common Causes of Road Traffic Accidents

Road traffic accidents happen every day. There are many laws and measures in place that are designed to stop or minimize them, but that isn’t always possible. There is no sign that they are being completely eradicated. But individual drivers can certainly do more to ensure that they are not the ones causing these problems. If there were more personal responsibility on the road, there would certainly be fewer accidents. But what are the most common reasons for road traffic accidents? Find out below.

Drunk Driving

Drunk driving destroys many people’s lives. People who think that they are safe to drive home after a night out can cause injury and deaths. It happens in huge numbers every year. This is why the number of people being stopped and breathalysed is on the up. And the laws and punishments in place for drunk driving have never been stricter than they are at the moment. It can even be a problem the morning after. Use the guide at to help you know when it’s safe to drive.


These days, distractions in the car are more likely to occur than ever before. This is because we all have mobile phones. And when you’re driving along, it’s not uncommon to see someone holding a phone up to their ear while driving. This is clearly dangerous and against the law. But that doesn’t stop many people from doing it anyway. When you’re holding a phone, you are not able to be in full control of the vehicle. This is more dangerous than the distraction of the conversation in most cases. If you suffer a crash because of someone using their phone, contact a lawyer. These cases succeed often, so read about it from


Despite ever stricter speed limits, it’s still very common for accidents to be caused by speeding drivers. It’s something that you should really be prepared to deal with as a driver. Too many people simply ignore speed limit signs and think that they can make their own decisions. There have been a number of widespread TV campaigns to show how even a small increase in speed is dangerous. If you really want to be safe on the road, you should be prepared to follow the legal limits. They are always in place for a specific reason, so don’t assume you know better.

Bad Weather Conditions

When the weather is wet, most cars are more difficult to control. This is a simple fact. Things are improving all the time as better tyres are designed and used. Bad weather itself can’t be stopped though. Skidding on wet or icy roads still happens a lot. Better gritting services on roads can make driving in icy or snowy conditions easier. But for wet roads, it’s all about the actual car itself. Drivers are advised to make sure that they have the right tyres. All-weather tyres are perfectly good at handling wet roads. But if you have summer tyres on your car when it’s wet, they won’t be as safe.

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