How To Make Your Car Summer Ready

Posted by at 15 June 2013, at 19 : 00 PM

How To Make Your Car Summer Ready

It’s summer time and if you want to drive your car with the same comfort and convenience that you have been driving all through these months, there are several important things you need to keep in mind. Summer time perhaps offers the most exhausting driving conditions, particularly if the traffic flow is not smooth on the roads. Due to high temperatures and sweating atmospheric conditions, you feel to keep your air conditioner on throughout the journey, putting a serious burden on your car’s AC. However, modern vehicles are coming equipped with powerful ACs. For example, Ford is well-known for its powerful and well designed AC fittings and this is the reason why there is stupendous growth in their Ford car sales before summers each year, particularly.

But even if you own a vehicle other than a Ford car, you can make your car ready for the summer by following these simple tips:

Servicing your car’s air conditions

In many parts of the US, you may not feel the need of using your car’s AC until it is summertime. If you don’t use your AC for several months, you should check it before the summer. A car AC could have leaked the coolant and consequently, the compressor would have to run for a longer period to provide you with an effective cooling. This may put an extra strain on your car’s engine. So, it’s sensible if you take your car to a certified automobile AC mechanic and get it checked before the summer.

Replacing the coolant

Like you change your car’s engine oil, in the same manner, you will have to change the coolant of your car as well. A car’s radiator system often leaks the coolant at a slow rate. Moreover, old coolant may generate an electric charge which may result in the erosion of your engine components. Ideally, the coolant and water in your vehicle’s radiator should be in a 50:50 proportion.

Checking the battery of your car

A good battery is important if you are making your car ready for a bad environment. Car servicing experts suggest that an average life of a battery could be between two and three years. A car owner must check the battery conditions, if it’s older than three years. An old battery can retain only less amount of the charge. Moreover, if your battery starts leaking, it may cause damages to your car parts. So, it’s better to change your battery if it’s older than three years.

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