The new Volkswagen Gti – for the people who believe in class

Posted by at 15 June 2013, at 19 : 00 PM

The new Volkswagen Gti – for the people who believe in class

Volkswagen has been a hugely respected and appreciated name in the US car market for quite some years now – and it is building up on its reputation with Wagon like 5 door Audi A-3 followed by the GLI Sedan Jetta. Here is more on the classy Volkswagen Gti.

These cars have been given a wheel base of 101.5 inches with front strutted suspension as well as a Multi link rear. They share stout of 2 liter, Direct injection Turbocharge 4 cylinder which powers it amply well on silky as well as bumpy roads. You can be sure that driving will be a pleasure like none other, provided you are behind the steering of a GTi.

These acts are not easy to be followed. The excellent and smooth ride as well as handle balance of the A3 class made all of us fall in love with it. The GLi did not reach up to that mark. It was expected to be extreme but it highly disappointed by the modest accelerator.

GTi’s interior is very similar to that of GLi. The whole black model of the car looks quite dull but the plastic used is of very high quality. The steering is same as that of a racing car and the seats are quite comfortable. They are very apt for a long journey. Although they are nowhere in comparison to the new 3 series of BMW, they have given a boost to the comfort quotient of the car.

The bumpy roads are dealt with pleasure by the all new GTi. It has given very strong competition to the other new entrants which claim to be comfortable and stylish.

Price is a very strong factor here which will prove to be critical when the new GTi will be compared to its counter parts. The starting price of A3 is twenty five thousand four hundred and six dollars whereas he GLi Jetta starts from twenty four thousand four hundred and five. According to Volkswagen, GTi has been priced thousands low than any of these models. The GTi is a sporty substitute of the A3 class of BMW.

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