Have A Midlife Adventure

Posted by at 23 February 2017, at 13 : 17 PM

Have A Midlife Adventure

It’s the same old story. If you are over the age of 35 and you buy yourself the sports car you have been working hard to own since you were young, or you bite the bullet and get your bike licence because you finally got the time to enjoy life with the wind in your hair, the midlife crisis jokes start to come out.

It’s hardly fair is it? I mean when is midlife anyway? And why is it a crisis to buy an awesome car or an incredibly engineered motorbike? Surely that’s just cool. Maybe they are just jealous because deep down, they want the same thing. Or perhaps they just don’t understand you, not everyone wants to live life in the fast lane. One thing is for sure though, now is a good time to buy that classic or jump on your two wheeled steed. Why?

Everything is becoming more expensive. Cities are becoming Eco mega centres to try and equal out the balance after years of pumping toxins into the environment, and before you know it, we’ll all be forced into a Nissan Leaf and handed an organic soya latte.

So, what do you do if you fancy a little bit of bike action?

First thing, don’t get your test and then jump straight onto a 1000cc mega beast. You’ll injure yourself. Sorry to sound like the voice of doom. But you will. Instead start small, you don’t have to tell anyone you are getting some practice in, keep it under your hat until you have mastered the basics and got used to the balance. Then spend a good 6 months on a bike under the 500cc bracket to get to grips with life on the open road.

When you feel confident, then it’s time to go for glory. First up, make sure you’ve got all the bikers basics from the correctly fitting helmet to a full set of leathers, a decent alarm and maybe a beard, if you are going for a Harley.

Have A Midlife Adventure

You need to consider what you are looking for out of your new transport. Raw speed with a badass attitude like the MotoGP legends? Or do you want to take up as much space as is possible on the road, creating so much noise people can hear you coming across state? You’ll need a Chopper for that. Set your budget and then get out and view as many as you can before making the decision. As with cars, it’s worth taking a specialist mechanic ready to ensure you are buying the safest and most reliable motorbike you can. It’s also worth considering where you are going to keep your new pride and joy? If she’s not going in your garage, ask the seller if he has a bike cover. If not, invest in one.

Then the rest is pretty simple. Endure the eternal grief you are going to get from your pals down the pub. Ignore them. Strap your helmet on and then watch them all turn green with envy as you leave them eating your dust.

It’s an adventure. Not a crisis.

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