The most eco-friendly superminis

Posted by at 3 October 2013, at 17 : 03 PM

The most eco-friendly superminis

The pressure on car makers to manufacture their models to be more eco-friendly is getting stronger with every passing day. That’s why even the likes of BMW has upped its game in the electric market, but with petrol and diesel-fuelled cars still dominating buyers’ considerations there must be further improvements in traditionally-powered or hybrid motors.

Car supermarkets, like Car Base, are now realising that drivers are becoming increasingly concerned by the green credentials of their cars as their tax and insurance implications weigh heavy on their minds. They have even taken to adding search functionality around the term on their website to boost sales of their more economical available cars. Small cars are the ones that are really judged on their economy and carbon emissions rather than hugely powerful executive cars, so here is how the front runners in the Supermini class stack up:

Toyota Yaris Hybrid

eco-friendly supermini Toyota Yaris Hybrid

Toyota’s best-selling Supermini is up there as the most economical Supermini that money can buy currently. It is the cheapest hybrid available, but still an expensive option. It boasts a petrol and electric mix which will produce a deeply impressive 80.7mpg, while only emitting 79g/km of CO2. It is a durable little car with good equipment levels, but still pricey.

Kia Rio

eco-friendly supermini Kia Rio

Kia is taking the European market by storm with its value for money proposition and it does well in the economy stakes. You can expect a remarkable 88.3mpg from a small engine and at under £12,000 it’s a great buy from new, but even better second hand.

Volkswagen Polo Bluemotion

eco-friendly supermini Volkswagen Polo Bluemotion

This is the much vaunted eco-friendly supermini and it deserves the hype with 80.7mpg an astonishing level of economy. However, like most VWs it just misses the charming nature of the Alfa Romeo Mito or Ford Fiesta.

Ford Fiesta Econetic

eco-friendly supermini Ford Fiesta Econetic

As you’d expect the class-leading Ford Fiesta is on top of its economy game, but especially the Econetic version. By some kind of magic it manages to emit just 87g/km while offering 78.5mpg from a 1.6 litre engine. There is no car that drives quite like the Fiesta, but still saves the environment and boosts your bank balance.

Alfa Romeo Mito

eco-friendly supermini Alfa Romeo Mito

Owning an Alpha has never been so inexpensive, and with the Mito you still get all the trademark looks. Better still is the personality and character remain, but with a smooth-riding1.3 litre engine averaging 78,5mpg you can keep one eye on saving a few pounds while having a smile on your face.

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