Motorcycle Auctions: Bargains at Police Departments

Posted by at 26 September 2014, at 22 : 39 PM

Motorcycle Auctions: Bargains at Police Departments

As long as there is money to be made from criminal activity, there will always be criminals breaking the law. Of course, we are all happy that our local police departments do their job and stop these folks in their tracks. This police enforcement activity causes a number of assets to be seized countrywide. Motorcycles are also among the many different types of vehicles amongst these seized assets.

These confiscated goods create the need to conduct police motorcycle auctions. This is great news if you’re looking for motorcycle bargains. So what type of products can you find at these events?

You’ll find two major groups. These are bikes confiscated due to criminal activity and motorcycles that police departments had for own use.

Police department motorcycles are known in the industry for the excellent quality it offers. The cause is straightforward. Intense service rosters are maintained for each respective department’s motorcycles. The motorcycles being auctioned is therefore great value for money as they were well looked after. Obviously don’t bet on your motorcycle purchased with a police badge and siren still in place. The motorcycle will be squeaky clean with all those items removed.

Then again, you can procure bikes previously confiscated at police motorcycle auctions. Here you will find the department selling goods that were seized from criminals. You’ll find anything from pure garbage to superior vehicles. Sometimes you may experience some difficulty with the title of the motorcycle, but mostly it’s a simple procedure and you can find some serious bargains there.

Bidders are looking for different things – you may prefer older, ramshackled vehicles with the view of fixing them. It’s also possible that you wish to buy a motorcycle for your own recreational use. A Good tip is to have a look at the catalogue, see what fits your needs and focus on doing due diligence on those.

Inspection dates are usually scheduled for buyers to have a closer look at the motorcycles before they’re being sold. Be prepared before you start bidding by knowing exactly what would constitute a fair price. Your checklist should include everything from checking the brakes, handlebars, state of the seat, lights, and any sort of mechanical issues. Don’t overlook the small problems as they may grow bigger very quickly.

If you don’t have a great deal of experience in attending police motorcycle auctions, don’t let this stop you. You may well be amazed at the bargains you will find there.

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