Motorcycles: A Trusty Side Vehicle

Posted by at 20 October 2017, at 12 : 18 PM

Motorcycles: A Trusty Side Vehicle

Who doesn’t love cars? Metallic beasts, commanding, with a dash of authority. Not only are they functional and a part of everyday life but often symbolize a lifestyle, a sense of freedom not often met in the current age. Of course, only at first glance. It’s almost a given that everyone remembers the process of buying their first car, the initial excitement, absolutely overwhelming, soon dampened by the reality of paying all the fees that come with owning one. Congestion charge, parking fees, insurance, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. While much more classic and much more prominent in the media, cars do have their downsides compared to Motorcycles.

The pros

Motorcycles are compact in comparison to cars, much sleeker in design and certainly give off the feeling of a more modern age. Where cars struggle to find the last available parking space, motorcycles tend to have a much easier time finding a place of rest. Maybe due to being less popular than bigger transportation counterpart, but also as a result of simply being much smaller. They also get much better gas mileage, directly saving you money at the pump and resulting in less fuel emission, making you feel better about yourself every time. As a result of being smaller, they are also much easier to clean. There just is no tedious carpet removal and cleaning, just a need of a wipe down every now and then. Motorcycle insurances also lean towards the cheaper side which is a huge weight of anyone’s shoulders who has previously withstood the constant hefty sums of car insurance. Besides all that, due to being slightly more exotic and infrequent, motorcycles are definitely much more of a head turner than cars. Not to say that cars don’t turn heads, chances are about 90% of the population would gaze at the majesty of a Phantom driving down the road, a Phantom, however, tends to be a tad expensive. It really is hard to stand out from the crowd as a car, whereas motorcycles do it on merit of not being a car alone. Going for joyrides on a motorcycle is a thing like no other, any petrolhead worth his salt should experience at least once in their lifetime.

Motorcycles: A Trusty Side Vehicle

The cons

This is where the double-edged sword comes into play. With its tight and compressed exterior, motorcycles often lack many of the comforts car owners usually take for granted, for example, a roof over one’s head. While a car does not have much trouble dealing with common weather shifts, be that strong wind of some heavy rain, on a motorcycle you are left at the mercy of nature alone. Rain and snow make it considerably harder to drive when you are in control of a vehicle with only half the wheels of a car, slippery roads definitely feel a lot more treacherous when you are balancing purely because of going forward. Motorcycles have a reputation of being much more dangerous to ride on and crashes tend to look a lot more deadly. Motorcycle accidents usually result in the driver being flung headfirst into the air due to not having much too many kilograms to use as arguments when negotiating with a car. In case of needing an attorney, it is not easy to find one that knows the situation through and through, usually resorting to the need of a specialist. A lack of a trunk or a boot is evident when it is replaced with a relatively small compartment which just about fits the bare minimum, not to mention the need of a helmet on at all times and unless you’re a fan of the windblown look, chances are your hairdo will not survive under it.

Needless to say, motorcycles are not perfect by any stretch of the imagination, but that should not stop you from at least trying having one. If you want to expand and broaden your horizons of life on the road, driving a motorcycle should be just the experience you need.

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