Pimp My Ride: Properly Personalising Your Vehicle

Posted by at 29 March 2018, at 18 : 16 PM

Pimp My Ride: Properly Personalising Your Vehicle

When it comes to personalising a vehicle, there’s a lot of things you can do to make sure any ride is as comfortable as it could be. Some of these additions can be dirt cheap, or quite pricey to have installed, but either way there’s more and more mods out there people can use in their cars. And if you’re the kind of person who likes to make their mark on the world, your car is yours to do whatever you want to with. Even if you plan on selling the model at some point, you’re guaranteed to find someone with similar tastes to yours.

Whether you have an old or new car, all of these additions can make a model almost irreversibly different to the car you bought from the dealer. Which isn’t something everyone likes, but it’s definitely something that can make a car feel a lot more like home. And considering they can function between that and your main form of transport, let’s look at some of the best ways you can personalise your vehicle.

Make Your Car Convenient

Seeing as you’re going to be in the driver’s seat everytime you take the car out, you’re going to need to make sure the interior is as convenient to your needs as possible. You never know when you’re going to experience a breakdown and have to do your own roadside repairs, or when you’re going to need to pull out your license and registration. To make matters a little more relevant to daily life, you never know when you’re going to need a pair of shades to keep out that pesky sunlight that’s too intrusive, or keeping your phone handsfree in front of you when you need to use a map.

So to make your car more convenient, make sure a repair kit is kept in the back of your car, as well as a carjack and your spare tyre. At the same time, make good use of your glove compartment: you’re going to need a flashlight, a pack of tissues to make sure you can clean up any spills, something to nibble on when you get hungry, as well as pad and a pen. You never know when you’re going to need to take down a number from a crash or accident you get involved with, and at the same time, it’s just useful in general.

To make sure you’re hands free, purchase a phone holder or grip to keep your device in front of you whenever you need it. You can also invest in an unspillable mug so you’re not distracted by any spilled liquids all over your neat work trousers, as this can take your mind off of the road.

Put On Some Seat Covers

Seat covers not only give your car a new and fresh look, but they also keep your seats neat and away from any extreme wear and tear. They’re going to be an excellent addition to any car, as they come in all shapes and colors, with plenty of themes and brands on them to indulge your inner nerd.

It’s a lot cheaper than having to reupholster any of the seats after someone has ripped through them with their shoes after needing a nap in the back, and they can be easily removed and cleaned whenever they need to be. So once again, they aren’t just great style choices for anyone looking to personalise their car, but they’re also another convenient feature you can exploit to your heart’s desire.

Add Some Lights

Putting lights in your car can seem a little counter intuitive, after all they’re a huge distraction to anyone behind the wheel of both your car and other people on the road. But having some LED lights around to turn on when you’re alone on a highway and it’s getting dark, or simply to look nice whenever you want them to, is a great way to personalise your car.

You can get these lights in strips you can easily stick on wherever you want them, usually underneath the dashboard and on the floor. You can find a variety that has battery packs of their own, meaning you won’t be draining any power out of your car battery which you desperately need for that long haul journey. Now you can combine your music choices with some great lighting to back up the mood and make those mundane journeys a lot easier to face.

You can also install these kinds of lights on the outside of your car, although this only tends to work in a more metropolitan area that’s already full of color.

Amp Up Your Sound

Amping up the sound in your car can take a delightful afternoon tune into your own mini rave, and that’s something a lot of people enjoy when they’re cruising down the highway and have nothing better to do with their time. You can easily install a new stereo system to get surround sound in your car, and taking the old one out only requires being nifty with a screwdriver. And this is good for anyone who can’t afford much else to do with their vehicle.

At the same time, getting some mounted amplifiers can mean you hear every underbeat of a song, and the bassline will never sound better to your ears. Similarly, there’s some great choices for affordable car amplifiers if you’re on a budget, and thus you don’t have to sacrifice your entire pocket for new and improved sound in your vehicle. Of course your attention is on the road, but seeing as your brain is used to that now, having music on can be a good way to stop your mind from wandering dangerously!

Personalising a vehicle doesn’t have to be hard or expensive, and is simply quite natural to want to do. It’s your car after all, you invested in it and now it’s something that helps to represent you. Feel free to dress it up in any way.

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