Profitable Business Ideas For Driving Enthusiasts

Posted by at 27 March 2018, at 13 : 59 PM

Profitable Business Ideas For Driving Enthusiasts

Are you somebody who…

a) Loves to spend your time on the road.
b) Prefers driving to work to the actual job itself.
c) Is sick of their job and is considering going self-employed.

If so, then why not turn your love of driving into a profitable business venture. The following are some of the ideas we have come up with; ways to make money while allowing you to stay on the road doing what you love doing the most: driving!

Business Idea #1: The Man With The Van

Rather than stick to one business venture, you can spread your wings if you own a van. Click here for Iveco daily sales and pick yourself a reliable motor to get yourself started. By being that ‘man with the van,’ you can become a part-time removalist for house movers, begin your very own courier service, start a mobile catering business, or begin any other business that requires you to get into the van and out on the road.

Business Idea #2: Get Into The Taxi Business

This isn’t the kind of job you want if you are looking to boost the resale value of your car – think about the muddy footprints, spillages, and other wear and tear that comes with the public! But if you are happy to let others into your pride and joy, or you are using an old junker to begin this business, working as a taxi driver can bolster your bank income. Most taxi firms (including Uber) hire people on a self-employed basis, so this is one job that is as flexible as you need it to be.

Business Idea #3: Teach Others How To Drive

Remember when you learned how to drive? You either loved or hated it depending on the patience of your driving instructor. Whatever your experience, you can help the next generation of drivers. While you could set yourself up in business for yourself, you might prefer to work for a designated driving school to give you the requisite experience first. In either case, you will need to modify your car (that extra set of brakes may come in handy) and get the required paperwork to give you the authority to teach others. Let’s just hope your nerves can take it!

Business Idea #4: Begin A Bus Shuttle Service

Driving a bus (or a minibus) isn’t the same as driving a car, so you will need to take the required driving test. Still, when you have the appropriate qualifications under your belt, and the right vehicle, you could start a school bus shuttle service (make sure you enforce that no chewing gum rule for your precious seats), an airport shuttle service (you will need room for luggage), or a cross-country shuttle service (perfect for those of you who enjoy long journeys). You will need to be licensed to start any (or all) of these businesses, but your services will be in high demand in whatever direction you choose to take.

And so…

Commit yourself to further research if we have piqued your interest in any of the business ideas we mentioned. Particularly if you are passionate about driving, it makes sense to stick it to the man and drive your own van (or any of the other vehicles we mentioned). We wish you every success if you decide to do so.

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