Road Treasure Or Trash? Weird Things You Might Find While You’re Out On The Road

Posted by at 15 October 2017, at 23 : 27 PM

Road Treasure Or Trash? Weird Things You Might Find While You’re Out On The Road

Did you know that some people hop into their car and start traveling the open road purely to find something called ‘road booty’? That’s right, apparently, another man’s road trash is another man’s road treasure. Why it ends up on the road? Nobody’s quite sure. But there are sure going to be some interesting stories behind how they got there and who found them.

Whether you’re thinking of hunting for your very own ‘road booty’ or not, check out these weird things you might find while you’re out on the road…

A Case Of CDs

If you have an eclectic music taste, this could be the perfect find for you. Look closely as you drive, and you might find a case of perfectly good CDs for your perusal. Perfect if you have a CD player in your car, or you’re looking for a cheap way to give gifts to your family members this holiday season.

The World’s Largest Brick

The world’s largest brick isn’t something you can throw in the car and use on your next DIY project, but it’s something you might find out on the road while visiting Alabama. This brick is made from lots of little bricks, but is technically an oversized ad for the Jenkins brick company.

Cold Hard Cash

Looking to top up your earnings? There’s potential to earn money on the road. Keep a close eye out and you might find a little loose change or even a note. People have been known to find hundred dollar bills just lying there! Just make sure you drive and stop safely, or you could be spending that money you found on services. An unwritten rule of road treasure: always remain sensible.

Fruit And Vegetables

Fruit and vegetables can sometimes be found on the road if they fall from the trees that line the street. Keep an eye out and you might find some fresh avocados – which are ridiculously expensive in supermarkets. One man even found a couple of radishes resting under a panama hat. He left them where he found them, but it’s a great story nonetheless.

A Trippy Mountain

If you find yourself in California looking at a trippy mountain covered in 100,000 gallons of paint, don’t panic – nobody spiked your soda. This was actually decorated by the artist Leonard Knight, who calls the colorful creations a ‘tribute to god’. He spent 30 years painting born again messages of love for all to see.

A Single Shoe

This is something we’ve all found at some point, and can pretty much agree it’s road trash. Unless it’s from Yeezy’s collection, in which case somebody will probably still be willing to buy it. Why do single shoes end up on the open road alone? What is the owner of said shoe doing now? Are they wearing the other one? So many unanswered questions.

A Stuffed Animal Massacre

Moving house is fun, until the delivery truck arrives and you realize your child’s stuffed toys are being crushed on the freeway somewhere. That’s right – one innocent driver witnessed a stuffed animal massacre when a box fell off a moving van. We’d hate to be the parents of that kid.

The Fountain Of Youth

People have spent years talking about and looking for the fountain of youth, when it’s been in Delaware all along! It was discovered by the Dutch in 1631, but some unfortunate news – it’s since dried up. Maybe if you breathe really deeply near it you can add a few years onto your life. Who knows?

A Baby

Don’t be alarmed, but sometimes, wild babies have been found at the side of the road. One driver reports how he suddenly spotted something moving in the distance, only to realize it was a one year old child with a diaper almost to his ankles. Luckily, after 30 minutes and a lot of stress, he found the baby’s mother making lunch in the kitchen, blissfully unaware of what was going on.

Road Treasure Or Trash? Weird Things You Might Find While You're Out On The Road

A UFO Watchtower

If you’re ever driving through Colorado, you might just see an Alien themed road stop. This is a ranch that the owner turned into a campground complete with Alien style watchtower – you’ll notice it because it looks like a huge alien head.

Now that you know some of the weirdest things you might find while you’re out on the road, here are a few tips to finding your very own road treasure:

Tips On Finding Road Treasure

* Embrace Your Weirdness – to some, it’ll look weird that you’re getting out of the car and looking at things on the side of the road, let alone picking them up and putting them in the car with you. Assess with your eyes first and make sure it looks safe to approach. Then, throw caution to the wind and go and inspect your potential treasures. Don’t worry about what other road users think, as long as you’re not causing a hazard.

* Memorize Moving Out Dates – moving out dates are ideal dates for road treasure. People will leave things on the side of the road purposely.

* Be Committed To Your Finds – other experienced road treasure finders may also be on the look out, and have their eyes on the same things you do. If you’re alone and you’ve found something big, call somebody to help you collect it. If you leave it, you run the risk of somebody running in and stealing it.

* Look For Quality – the idea of road treasure isn’t to pick up and hoard everything you find on the side of the road. It’s to look for quality and find things you’d actually use.

* Prepare Your Car – looking for road treasure on foot is possible, but the car is best. Prepare your car and make sure there’s no junk taking up space that could be occupied by road treasure finds. If you’re going to be taking a long journey, make sure you do all of the necessary safety checks and fill up the tank. You’re good to go!

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