Safety Features to Look for While Buying a Car

Posted by at 19 October 2019, at 12 : 47 PM

Safety Features to Look for While Buying a Car


If you undertake careful due diligence, then buying a used car can be a memorable experience. It can also provide you excellent value for money. You should start by getting a car history report from REVS Check NSW by sharing the VIN number or registration number. You will need to pay a small fee for getting the car history report. The car history report will provide important information on the used car and help you buy the best car for your needs.

You should also scout for safety features while buying a used car. You should look for the following safety features while buying a used car:
Driver and Side Airbags

Airbags are a must-have safety feature in any used car which you consider buying. Airbags cushion the impact of a collision and can save the lives of the driver and passengers. Airbags are connected to sensors that detect a collision, and the airbags are inflated in milliseconds. Airbags can reduce the force of an impact, and you should not buy a used car without airbags safety features. The used car should have both the driver and side airbags for providing complete safety to all passengers.

Anti-Lock Brake Systems (ABS)

ABS is also a common safety feature in most cars. ABS prevents your wheels from getting locked in the event of hard braking. If the wheels get locked, then you will be unable to control the car, and this can lead to dangerous accidents. ABS is connected to sensors on the wheel which allow you maximum braking without locking your wheels.

Rear Defrost

You should check for the rear defrost system in the used car as it helps to remove the condensation on the back window. Rear defrost systems come with heating strips that provides enough heat to remove condensation caused by ice, snow, etc. on the rear window. If you live in a cold climate with snowy winters, then rear defrost is a must-have safety feature in your used car.

Electronic Stability Control (ESC)

ESC is a new safety feature in the car. ESC helps you to maintain better control of your vehicle while driving on slippery roads or in emergency conditions. It works by selectively applying brakes and reducing the engine’s power to keep the car moving in the direction which you want and thus prevents loss of control. If your car has lost traction, then the ESC helps to reduce the loss of steering control. It uses a sensor to detect loss of traction and then accordingly compensates for it.

Warning Systems

Warning systems are becoming common safety features in cars. They provide you audio and visual cues if an object comes close to your car while driving and a crash becomes imminent. This helps you to take immediate corrective actions and avert the collision. Warning systems can also trigger flashlights and alarms which will alert you for potential crashes and dangers on the road. A used car that comes with warning systems will provide you great value for money and road safety hence it should be included in your safety features checklist.

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