Chrysler Me A River! When Should We Say Goodbye To Our Car?

Posted by at 10 October 2017, at 23 : 23 PM

Chrysler Me A River! When Should We Say Goodbye To Our Car?

Goodbye can be the hardest word to say, especially if this is your first love, and it could be even worse if it’s your car! We have an emotional attachment to our cars, that goes without saying, they are there when we need them, they don’t ask for much in return (except gas and quite a bit of cash). But there are points when we know that our beloved is beyond repair we can’t bring ourselves to accept it’s time to say goodbye. Here are a few points to really know when we have to bid farewell.

Spare Parts Have Become Discontinued

If you’ve hung on to your first love for so long that you’ve spent half your weekend trying to sort a spare part on eBay or on without any luck, then, it’s a dire situation for your vehicle. On the plus side, your vehicle has pretty much acquired classic car status but without the style!

The Cost Of Repair Is Sky High

If it’s got to the point where your car needs any repairs that it exceeds the overall value of the vehicle now, you are paying money to a lost cause. It’s time to get out now while you can.

You Dread Every Journey

Has a simple trip to the shops made you wonder if you will make it back home in one piece this evening? If you started to think that it could break down at any point, it’s really not worth your while anymore, and it’s time to trade it in.

You’re Worried About The Safety Features

If you’ve got family members, and you are concerned about their welfare every time you get in the car, especially with the latest safety features on modern cars, combined with the increasing amount of accidents on the road, you may want to think about getting a new car that is equipped with all the latest safety facilities. If your car doesn’t even have an airbag, it’s time to start shopping around. There are plenty of sites like that have the latest models, which we all know to have superior safety features. As the safety features are becoming more and more a standard part of vehicle buying, it makes sense to look for a vehicle that will protect you properly, especially if you have loved ones in the car.

It Doesn’t Suit Your Lifestyle

Whether you don’t have the same job anymore, or you’ve moved on from your two seater convertible, it may just be that your lifestyle doesn’t lend itself well to this car anymore. You may have a family now, or you may need something that is better for longer journeys. Whatever your lifestyle change, if you look at it in comparison to how you were when you bought that car, are you doing the same things now? If not, it’s time to hand the keys in.

We know it’s difficult to say goodbye to a car, but if you look at these points and something rings a bell, then, maybe it’s time to take the keys out of the ignition and send her on her way.

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