4 Ways To Spot A Dangerous Driver

Posted by at 10 October 2017, at 23 : 39 PM

4 Ways To Spot A Dangerous Driver

So much of driver safety is focused on improving you as a driver. That’s what you will find much of the advice for; how to ensure you stay focused, how to keep your concentration while driving, how to check your car is maintained and safe to be driven on public roads. All good and very necessary information — but omitting an important fact.

The sad truth is that you can be the best, most conscientious driver in the world, but it’s not a guarantee that your experience on the roads is always going to be safe. You’re not alone on the roads; there are always other drivers who can make mistakes and cause accidents.

So what can you do? You can’t control other drivers; you can’t make them all sit down and read through the guides to instruct them to improve their bad behavior. All you can do is know how to identify a bad driver when they’re near you on the road, and take evasive action to keep yourself safe.

To that end, here are five identifiers to look out for:

#1 – Clipping The Curb

If the car in front of you clips the curb once, it’s an accident, a momentary distraction that can happen to anyone. If, however, it happens repeatedly, then, you might want to avoid that driver. Be hyper-aware particularly of their potential to suddenly slam on the brakes.

#2 – Driving Too Slowly

We all associate driving too quickly with bad driving, but slow driving can potentially be worse. It’s a behavior that is indicative of the kind of driver who is likely to result in you needing an accident attorney to mop up after they cause an accident. Why? It’s the tentativeness. Slow drivers tend to be lacking in confidence, which means they will make bad decisions and panic more easily. That could be bad news for you, so look to get away from excessively slow drivers at any opportunity.

#3 – Tailgating

Tailgating is an absolutely unacceptable behavior, and it’s one you shouldn’t tolerate. If you’re being tailgated, then, slow down or pull over as soon as possible. Let the driver pass, because you don’t want to share any more of the road with them than you have to. Being tailgated will make you feel more stressed and it means that the car behind is way too close to stop if there’s a problem. Just let them pass and get on with their aggressive, unpleasant driving tactic — it’s better for your safety if you just completely refuse to engage.

#4 – Being Slow To Move After Lights Change

We have all spaced out and not noticed the lights in front of us have changed; it happens. However, it’s rarely a good sign. If you notice a driver doing this, it’s a sign that they’re distracted, which in itself is inherently dangerous when on the road. Either move past them when safe or hang back from them to avoid falling foul of their lack of focus.

Dangerous drivers are a menace on the roads, but by being able to identify them and thus avoid them, you’ll be as safe as you can possibly be.

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