The consistent sellers in the used car market

Posted by at 2 October 2013, at 10 : 26 AM

The consistent sellers in the used car market

The same used cars for sale do not remain at the top of the charts for no reason; they must have something special about them. If you roll this idea on just a bit further and look at the actual sales figures in more detail then you can see not only the same models, but the same brands cropping up all the time; the biggest three of which are:


used car market vauxhall sales

Vauxhall has been the perennial bridesmaid to Ford in the race for the tag of being Britain’s most loved family brand, but you wouldn’t think so from the used car sales figures year on year. A sign of just how popular the Vauxhall name is on British shores is shown by the fact that it remains as Vauxhall and has still not chosen to rebrand as Opel; which adorns the models of the car maker across the globe.

Regularly breaking into the top five best-selling used cars of each year are its Corsa and Astra models. Its Astra model has grown in stature over the years to become a great-value alternative to the VW Golf and Ford Focus as a spacious, stylish and dynamic family hatchback. Whereas the Corsa used to be the British School of Motoring’s choice as a learn-to-drive vehicle and has never lost the ability to make for an excellent first car for a new driver.


used car market volkswagen sales

The self-proclaimed People’s car maker never tends to let the side down on second hand sales of its most popular motors. VW has raised the bar across the board for smaller cars in regards to build quality, reliability and refinement. It is as if before you buy a smaller car you have to ask: “What would VW do?” then you know where you are. The Golf is the original benchmark of the family hatchback class and remains ever-popular even now in its seventh incarnation. Volkswagen’s other second hand best seller is the Polo which is shrunken down version of the Golf, so surely you understand why that tops the charts as well?


used car market ford sales

The proof is in the pudding with this one as how long do you go on a dual carriageway, motorway or A-Road without seeing either a Ford coming the other way or in your wing mirrors? Ford epitomises what family cars should be with a durable and long-lasting nature twinned with a dynamic drive and stylish looks. Their Fiesta and Focus models are at the top of their game and at the top of the used car sales chart.

The Fiesta isn’t just good for a small car, but a good car full stop; it is a little car that is great to look at, reliable and most importantly better to drive than cars twice it’s price. Meanwhile, the Focus that takes the Fiesta’s lead on dynamism and just pushes the boundaries of possibility even further; plus later generations have been dulled slightly making used ones the right buy, every time.

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