How Temporary Auto insurance works

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How Temporary Auto insurance works

Conventional auto insurance policies usually run for a period of one year, which may be renewed or cancelled depending on the policy holder and what other alternatives they have. But sometimes, you may not need to insure your car for a whole year. What other alternative do you have to provide insurance cover for a car if you need the car for a very short period? Well, you could opt for temporary auto insurance if you need a short term cover for a car.

When temporary auto insurance will be more ideal

Borrowing or renting

If you need to borrow a car for a short trip or an occasion, and you are not included in the standard car insurance policy, temporary auto insurance will be ideal for you. Most insurance companies will not provide indemnity to the policy holder if a driver who is not included in the policy is involved in an accident with the insured car. In this case, temporary auto insurance will be a great option to provide short term cover for the car within the period it’s going to be borrowed.

Vacation or holiday

If you have a car, you normally use during short trips for holidays or vacations, temporary auto insurance cover will be a great choice. If you put the car to use on occasional basis, you can have the car insured for that short period you need the car. At the end of your trip, you can decide to cancel the policy.


If you are trying to sell back your car in a short while but still want to make use of the car, you can opt for temporary auto insurance. This provides temporary protection for the car while you are still driving it until you are ready to sell it. It’s cheaper and more convenient this way than undertaking a standard car insurance policy, knowing you are only using the car for a short-term.

Importance of temporary auto insurance

* Temporary auto insurance is more affordable if you need a car for a short period of time. Since the policy last for a period of 1 month or a few months, it will be cheaper for you especially when you only need the car within that period.

* It’s also cheaper to pay for temporary auto insurance than renting a car if you have family member or a friend who is willing to lend you their car.

* Temporary auto insurance will also come in handy if you go on a very long trip and want your friend to drive. If there is no provision for that person on the original policy, it will be more ideal to buy temporary auto insurance policy.

* Finally, temporary auto insurance will be great if you just bought a used car and want to drive it home. These are some of the instances where temporary auto insurance will be a great choice.

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