These Cars Actually Make You A Better Driver

Posted by at 30 April 2020, at 06 : 46 AM

These Cars Actually Make You A Better Driver

They say that a workman is only as good as his tools. But the same might also be true of the average motorist. Their driving might only be as good as their cars.

For years, petrolheads have been arguing that driving classic cars makes you a better driver. Once you strip out all of the assists and electronics, it’s just you and the machine, and you have to act as one. If you don’t, the clutch screams and you wind up in car-on-motorcycle collisions – not what you want.

Up until recently, manufacturers deployed technology to make up for driver deficiencies. Now, though, there’s a new crop of cars making their way onto the market that claim to make your driving BETTER. They’re using them to enhance your skill, and it has a significant impact.

So what are we talking about here? Which cars are making us better drivers?

The Volvo XC 90 Tells You If You’re Too Tired To Drive

It doesn’t matter how many special features to ram into a motor vehicle; it still hinges on the idea that the driver is alert and conscious. It turns out, though, that most people are appalling judges of their levels of tiredness. Jumped up on coffee and living off a couple of hours of sleep, they assume that their reaction times will be identical to those of their well-rested selves.

Volvo, however, knows that this isn’t true. So it has started investigating implementing technology that detects the alertness of drivers. The idea is to warn drivers if their attention begins to flag so that they can pull over for a nap.

Whether the idea will take off the way the company hopes remains to be seen. It seems more like something that the police would do than a private company trying to sell motor cars.

The Toyota Camry Helps With Spatial Awareness On The Road

The Toyota Camry is, in most respects, a standard vehicle – one that you see every day on the road. But it could also help make you a better driver.

The reason for this comes down to the space that it takes up on the road. It is a big machine, and owners feel a lot of responsibility. You have to continually think about the volume the vehicle takes up on the road. It’s not a nippy hatchback. It is a fundamentally different type of car.

Drivers soon find themselves learning to navigate this hunk around tight city streets. It is a challenge when you first start, but it makes driving a regular car again much more manageable.

The Tesla Model S Takes Calls For You

Fiddling around with in-car phone systems doesn’t seem much safer than just picking up your mobile and chatting – and that’s illegal in most places.

These Cars Actually Make You A Better Driver

Tesla, though, wasn’t happy with this setup. People still need to take calls while they drive. All you need to do is find a way to make it safe. The Model S, therefore, gets around this with voice-activated calling systems that integrate automatically via Bluetooth with your phone. Easy.

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