Top car safety features

Posted by at 25 June 2020, at 12 : 44 PM

Top car safety features

If you are considering replacing your existing family car, no doubt passenger safety will be on your list of considerations. As our roads get busier, keeping everyone safe becomes something that we increasingly worry about.

Vehicle safety features are keeping pace with the increasing demands of modern driving (if you do find yourself involved in a road accident, see this Savannah personal injury lawyer for more info). So, when it is time to replace your car there are plenty of ways to improve the safety of everyone in it.

Automatic emergency braking

When the roads are as busy as they are, traffic jams are inevitable. One minute you can be cruising along at the legal speed limit. The next, the traffic in front of you can come to a sudden halt. Or someone in front of you can stamp on the brakes and do so for no apparent reasons. When either of those things happens, it is all too easy to end up being involved in a rear-end shunt accident.

But, that is likely to happen if your car is fitted with a system that spots the problem and starts to brake for you. Studies prove that these systems respond much faster than the average driver does. So, they are a safety feature that is worth considering. If you want to learn more about how AEB systems work, you can do so by visiting this government webpage.

Adaptive cruise control

Cruise control systems have been around for decades. If you are going on a long journey they are a good way to take some of the pressure off. Letting the car manage the speed for you most of the time is far less tiring. The fact that you are more alert usually means that you can spot dangers faster and respond to them properly. If you choose an adaptive system when the car in front of you slows the system will automatically adapt your speed and maintain a safe distance. This leaves you able to pay more attention to what is going on around you.

Lane departure warning system

It is all too easy to end up getting tired without really realizing you are doing so. When that happens, you will tend to drift from your lane. That can also happen if you are distracted. Hopefully, you realize what is happening before you end up running into oncoming traffic. If your car is fitted with a lane departure warning system your chances of doing so and correcting your position on the road will be greatly improved.

The above is just a taste of the very advanced safety systems that are now available. If you want to know about the others, make a mental note to speak specifically to the salesperson about safety features.

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