Is Your Vehicle Truly A Write Off?

Posted by at 19 September 2017, at 12 : 33 PM

Is Your Vehicle Truly A Write Off?

If your car has sustained some pretty heavy damage, chances are it’s not going to be economically viable to fix. That’s where your insurance steps in, and writes the car off with a payout and a car that has a similar value. Yet, what if you really like your car? Sometimes we don’t really agree with what an insurance provider says, so what if you can fix your car yourself? There’s a few things to check on yourself to see whether your vehicle is a lost cause or not.

First Of All, Get A Second Opinion

A mechanic can be your second opinion, and offer some good advice on what can and can’t be fixed at cheap rates. Make sure you also check what category write off your car is in and then try an MOT. Even a lawyer can be that second opinion. However, in the event of the worst possibility, you might want to look into hiring someone like Stephen Babcock if you were involved in an accident, to get the proper compensation for both you and a new car that you deserve.

Look At The External Structure

It’s not only the engine that needs to be in proper working order for a car to be okay to drive. Make sure every possible opening has been checked over. Are all the doors working properly? And that’s in terms of both opening and closing. Can you open the bonnet and the trunk? If anything is broken like this, and you have an older vehicle, it may well be written off. It can be extremely unsafe to drive in something that doesn’t have structural integrity.

Then Check That The Damage Is Only Superficial

If it’s a scratch on the paintwork or just a dent, then, your car could very well be driven again and fixed up in under an hour. A scratch should only be a scratch however, not a chip or a crack. This are especially important to take care of in places like the windscreen, as that can very quickly turn serious over the next pothole.

Switch Out Some Of The Parts Just To Be Sure

If there’s absolutely no chance of your vehicle being written off by an insurance company, then, you should run some maintenance on it anyway. Take your car in for a check up with a mechanic to make sure everything is up to code and working in full condition.

A few basic checks will be necessary, and these won’t cost you an arm or a leg so they’re fine to carry out. Make sure your tyre pressure is correct, as you don’t want any further damages on a vehicle simply because you forgot to check something over. It’d be a good idea to change your brake pads to make sure they’re in full working condition, and also to avoid any subsequent crashes with your vehicle having a faster response time.

Do some car checks and negotiate with insurance, you could keep your vehicle.

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