4 Areas Of Car Maintenance You’re Overpaying On

Posted by at 25 September 2017, at 10 : 17 AM

4 Areas Of Car Maintenance You’re Overpaying On

When you have overcome the obstacle of finding the money to buy a car, it can feel like everything will be relatively simple from there on. Sure, you know there are going to be running costs you have to negotiate, but how hard can it be to get those right?

Realistically… fairly hard. As with any commodity, there are good and bad deals when it comes to necessities for keeping your car on the road. If you have never really thought about this area of vehicle maintenance before, then, there’s a good chance you’re paying more than you really need to. So, covering a number of different areas, what are the potential pitfalls you’re paying more for to keep your car on the road?

Getting Tire-d Out

Tires are expensive; in fact, if they’re not expensive, then, you should probably worry a little. Cheap tires are usually badly made, making them a false economy as you have to replace them more often.

What you don’t need, however, are the branding all-singing-all-dancing tires direct from the manufacturer. Good quality generic tires are just as good but without the price tag.

Ensuring You’re Insured Shouldn’t Cost The Earth

If you get your auto insurance renewal through and just sign off on it, then, you’re probably paying too much. Companies rely on you not being willing to go through the hassle of switching your policy; and that also means they’re prone to taking advantage of it. Prices for a renewal will usually be higher than just buying the exact same purchase afresh from the same company. It’s vital that you always run quotes and comparisons to be sure you’re getting a good deal. It’s really no hassle to switch; half an hour on the internet and you’re done, potentially saving you a fortune in the meantime.

Don’t Fuel A Budget Crisis

Have you seen the super-expensive, supposedly better quality fuel that’s available at some gas stations? It sounds amazing, usually coming along with promises that you’re going to use less fuel so it’s actually cheaper in the long run, etc. etc.

You don’t need it. Ever. Only a small number of cars will show any difference with so-called “high performance” fuel, and while it might increase your MPG a little, it’s not going to be enough to justify the cost. So don’t use it unless you’re required to as detailed in the manufacturer’s warranty.

Your Finances Are Getting Washed Out

Ensuring that your car is clean and in good condition is great; for one thing, you need to actually be able to see out of the windows. However, it’s also expensive to use an automatic car wash or have your car professionally detailed. Invest in a pressure washer and you can do the job yourself in less than 10 minutes, with your only expense the electricity and water.

Running a car is always going to be an expense; a fairly substantial expense, at that. However, it doesn’t need to cost you a fortune and burn a hole clean through your budget. Rectify these errors, and you can keep on driving — with your personal finances still intact.

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