Weineck Cobra 12.9-liter V8 1100 hp Super Machine 1920×1080 HD

Posted by at 16 March 2014, at 21 : 09 PM

Car of the day – Weineck Cobra 12.9-liter V8 1100 hp Super Machine 1920×1080 HD

When the AC Cobra burst onto the scene in the mid-1960s it was considered a rocket ship. Even by today’s standards the small lightweight V8 powered AC Cobra was an outstanding performer. But going fast is an addiction, and it didn’t take long before the Cobra was sporting a new big block motor with even more performance. Shelby even went so far as to build two twin-supercharged Supersnake Cobras that reported 800 horsepower with 0-60 mph times coming in under 4 seconds. With no practical way to use this much speed and power on public roads you would think that urge to build a faster street legal Cobra would be non-existent, but a German car company specializing in reproduction Cobras decided they wanted to build the king of all Cobras.

The company is called Weineck Cobra, and the vehicle in question is the spectacularly outrageous and borderline pointless Weineck Cobra 780CUI Limited Edition. What makes this car so ridiculous is its 780 cubic inch V8 that develops a mammoth 1100 horsepower at 7000 rpm. That is like bolting two Corvette Z06 motors together and spotting them 100 horses. Even more impressive is the Earth rotation altering 1300 lbs-ft of torque. Weineck has not given an official quote for 0-60 mph times (0-100 km/h) but that is only because they had bigger fish to fry. In testing the Weineck Cobra was able to accelerate from 0-125 mph (0-200 km/h) in only 4.9 seconds and can rush to 185 mph (300 km/h) in 10 seconds flat! I guess those times shouldn’t be too surprising considering the Cobra is only pushing around 2 lbs for every horsepower it develops.

Weineck spokesmen beamed about the car in a way that only a Germans could, “Words cannot describe what will happen if you want to experience the full potential of this ULTIMATE driving machine. There is just no comparison with anything ever built to be used on the road!!! What happens above 5000 rpm is too much for human vocabulary. It’s more like Sol 5 on Starship Enterprise! You feel like being in a time machine with corners approaching so fast that you just won’t believe it. From now on, your brain and body have to work at maximum speed. Otherwise it is better not to enter this world…”

Of course the Weineck Cobra is built to take all the abuse that the 12.9-liter V8 can dish out. Built using top of the line materials, the Cobra sports a thick tubular steel frame, reinforced carbon composite body panels, and an advanced variable-rate independent suspension utilizing lightweight aluminum and titanium components. Helping to put the power to the ground is a specially built 4 speed gearbox, 75% lockup limited slip differential and massive 315/35 ZR rear tires mounted on 18-inch rims. The Weineck also utilizes a host of safety devices including stability control, traction control and ABS; and while I’m sure these added safety measures help I have a hard time believing that they will nullify the tremendous danger that this lightweight rocket presents on public roads.

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