White Toyota Prius XW30 hybrid electric vehicle 1920×1080 HD

Posted by at 17 March 2014, at 17 : 41 PM

Car of the day – White Toyota Prius XW30 hybrid electric vehicle 1920×1080 HD

Toyota Prius XW30 is a gas/electric vehicle that features innovative technology from TOYOTA, the Hybrid Synergy Drive® which offers amazing fuel economy and with an emission rating of an Advanced Technology Partial Zero Emission Vehicle (AT-PZEV) rating. It also comes with optional advanced features such as Bluetooth®, GPS Navigation system, high performance safety features, smart key system, push button start, versatile seating system, with large rear area and a unique eye catching shape. All these features with the performance of a conventional car. You never need to plug-in for recharging like older hybrid cars.

The real motivation to buy a Toyota Prius XW30 is its extremely low emissions. It has the best emission ratings. Toyota Prius is one of the excellent choices for car buyers, who want to save some bucks on fuel, want to save some pollution, and most of all reduce dependence on oil.

According to federal government’s Environmental Protection Agency, the TOYOTA Prius XW30 is rated at 60/51 mpg City/Highway, with a Combined rating of 55 mpg. Actual mileage may vary from 41 to 48 mpg, depending on the roads, turns, traffic, speed etc.


· Standard traction control system
· Automatic Transmission
· More rear Capacity with versatility of seats that can be folded
· Better Mileage (60/51)(city/highway)
· Very good cutting edge optional technologies such as Bluetooth.
· Smart key system with push button technology


· No leather steering wheel
· Sun-roof option not available
· Waiting period of 4-6 weeks minimum.

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