What To Do After An Accident

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What To Do After An Accident

Car accidents happen every single day, and yet we all still get in cars and get on the road to be where we need to be. Taking the right steps immediately after an accident has occurred is vital to ensuring that you are not going to be in any danger or trouble; especially if the accident was not your fault. A car accident has a bad situation to be in, and you have to get it right afterward so that everyone leaves the scene as safe as possible.

The essential steps for after an accident are as follows

* Stop your car. You could be arrested if you drive away after the scene of a crash.
* Turn off your engine and put your hazard lights on so those other drivers can move around you slowly and smoothly.
* Check yourself and your passengers to ensure that you are all safe.
* If necessary, call an ambulance for any injuries.
* Call the police and wait for them.
* Speak to the other drivers involved – if any – and give your details to them.
* Take the details from the other drivers, witnesses to the crash or passengers.
* If you can, take any necessary photos so that you have them as evidence.
* Call your insurance company.

Let’s look at these in more detail:

It doesn’t matter how minor the accident is; you must always stop the car. Not only is it bad manners to drive off after a car crash, but it’s also an offense to leave the scene of a crime. You need to come to a complete stop to also make sure that you are safe and unharmed. The car has to have the engine switched off, and your hazards on so that other road users know that you are there. Any good car accident lawyer will tell you that you have done the right thing. Once you’ve stopped your car, check your passengers are all okay and breathing and check yourself to know whether you have injuries beyond bumps and bruises. The ideal situation is that you won’t need an emergency ambulance to come out and if you do you also need to call the police.

You should also call the police if the accident that you are in has blocked the road or if you feel like the crash was deliberate. Those involved in an accident are obligated to give their names and details to all involved, but you should avoid accepting any blame or apologizing – which is an admission of guilt – until you know all the details behind the crash. Any accident on the road needs to be reported to the police, too, as you could be fined for not doing this.

If you have noticed someone has left the scene of an accident, speaking to the police is a smart idea. You are supposed to give your details to other car accident victims involved, and you must collect the names, addresses and telephone numbers of all drivers and passengers. Of course, if you are injured and this is not possible, you should concentrate on not moving. When it comes to the details, there are some specifics that you need to know, including:

* The vehicle registrations of every car involved in the crash along with the color of the vehicle and the make and model.
* The time of the crash along with the dates it occurred.
* Information about the conditions on the road; was it raining? Was it dark? It’s all relevant.
* A list of any vehicular damage and any injuries that are sustained.

A lot of drivers find it useful to take photos of the accident scene, but others don’t bother, relying on the presence of CCTV to help back up their claims. If you are uninjured, but you can’t drive your car any longer, you need to call roadside recovery who can get you to safety along with your vehicle. Your insurer can then be contacted so that you can start the insurance claim process. When you reach your insurer, you should make sure that you do it soon after the accident so that:

* It’s fresh in your mind
* You are in the time constraints of the crash

Whatever you do, informing your car insurance company about your accident is essential if you hope to claim back any money for your car and get a replacement.

No one wants to be in an accident, but knowing the steps of what comes after is going to save you a lot of cash.

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