Avoiding Being Ripped Off When Purchasing Your First Car

Posted by at 3 October 2019, at 12 : 59 PM

Avoiding Being Ripped Off When Purchasing Your First Car

When you gain your driving license for good, it can be an elated feeling you receive. Now you have your independence, you are no longer the person who needs to rely on rides from others or worry about how you’re getting somewhere. Of course, this is true to some extent. First, you need a vehicle.

Unless you have been brought up with car lovers and enthusiasts all around you, it can be hard to know what to look for. Unfortunately, this is where danger lies. It’s not uncommon for car salesmen, independent sellers and even legitimate car nuts to take advantage of someone who may not know what they are looking for. This can be a problem.

Not only does it potentially override your ability to find a good deal, or at least a reasonable, appropriate one, but it could potentially open you up to danger, and many months of costly reparative work. It is not uncommon for poorly-made car investments to haunt us for a while after making the transaction.

As your first car experience, this is not something you wish for. So, to help you avoid falling into this trap, please consider our following advice tailored to help you:

Inspect & Bring An Authority Figure

Bringing a parent along with you to inspect a car can be a great idea. It can also help you assert your needs and help you find flaws in the sales pitch. It might be that you find rust, a leakage, or perhaps painted-over damage. This can help you negotiate a better deal, or it might help you find lies in the sales pitch. If they have lied to you about one thing, odds are another is waiting, meaning that turning down the deal completely is important. You never know when fake auto parts might cause a real problem one day, or when custom work committed to by the previous owner can nullify your driving health.

Ask For The Car’s History

A car should come with its full history. From maintenance, MOT’s, bodywork completed, mileage, registrations, all should be there. If it isn’t, that can signify either a dishonest seller or an incompetent one. It can also open you up to potential future legal trouble. As such, it’s best not to pursue the deal.

Ask For A Test Drive

Most sellers will be happy for you to drive the car before they sell it, perhaps around the block. This can help you feel how it drives, if it is really in the condition you are being told it is, and if any changes made to the car affects its function. Remember – a test drive does not unveil everything about a car, but it can help you get a taste of what to expect. Sometimes, a cagey reaction from the owner upon your request can be all the information you truly need.

With this advice, you are certain to develop a careful approach when looking for a car to buy.

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