Where to find the right Mercedes

Posted by at 3 October 2013, at 15 : 29 PM

Where to find the right Mercedes

Buying a new premium car can be an expensive hobby, but you can negate this cost by choosing to get one that is nearly-new or second hand. Obviously, when buying second hand you do not get to add extras or build it to your specification, if you are looking for the exact specification model in the used car market; which makes discovering your dream Mercedes like trying to find a needle in a haystack. However, you do have a few options that can help you get hold of the exact next-to-new Mercedes Benz you want at a good price, that are:

Specialist and approved dealers

Mercedes Benz used cars for sale from dealers

This is where you will find the largest range of Mercedes-Benz used cars for sale at Inchcape Mercedes with Inchcape Mercedes across the UK. Specialist and approved dealerships have a staggering range of high specification vehicles available due to their links with manufacturers forged over many years. Not only will you uncover the most diverse array of models, but they will be next-to-new with low mileage allowing you to avoid depreciation, but you can also pick up cars that have not been subjected to a lot of wear and tear for too many years under another driver’s ownership.

Private sales

Mercedes Benz used cars for sale from private sellers

You have a good chance of finding unusual Mercedes-Benz second hand cars for sale in private sales. Obviously, this line of search opens you up to the possibility of buying from any corner of the UK, which can make logistics a problem. However, with private buyers likely to do good deals for cash or a quick sale then you have the potential for bagging a bargain on your dream Mercedes. Obviously, to ensure you don’t buy a pup of a car it is important to do the usual checks and tests to ensure the car is as good as it promises to be.

Car auctions

Mercedes Benz used cars for sale in auctions

One way of finding an exceptional condition and high specification Mercedes-Benz that you may not have considered is at a car auction. Unfortunately, your hopes of getting a great deal at car auction are jeopardised by the fees and also the sheer competition you will face from dealers and car supermarkets that have immense buying power to blow you out of the water financially. However, if you pick the right day and have immaculate timing you can bag yourself a superb Mercedes, built to your specification at just the right price.

You won’t find your ideal specification next-to-new Mercedes-Benz for sale on a used car supermarket’s forecourt; it takes that bit more effort to make your dream come true.

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