White Bentley Continental GTC Convertible 6L W12 1920×1080 HD

Posted by at 11 December 2014, at 10 : 56 AM

Car of the day – White Bentley Continental GTC Convertible 6L W12 1920×1080 HD

Nobody ever thought that it is possible to design 100% perfect convertible cars until Bentley introduced Bentley Continental GTC.

Bentley is gaining popularity in the recent years with its excellent designs and usage of latest technologies. Perfect engineering providing utmost comfort for the passengers are the specialties of the Bentley Continental GTC. Performance, style, and luxury can be found in a single convertible luxury car which is the Bentley Continental GTC.

The W12 engine used in the Bentley continental car is also used in this convertible car. At just 1600 rpm, the engine has maximum torque and stays there even when you travel in faster speeds. Without the top, the car can drive at a maximum of 190 mph and with top, you can expect 195 mph as the maximum speed.

You can never experience a silent journey in convertible car if you are driving something other than Bentley Continental GTC. This car goes topless in just 25 seconds with the push of a button. The three layer top disappears in very few seconds giving you a total different look.

You can talk to your fellow traveler nearby when you drive Bentley Continental GTC at 20 mph, topless and windows down. Raise the windows and increase the speed to 80 mph for a silent travel in a convertible car. If you want silent travel at much grater speeds, you should opt for using a chrome-aluminum windscreen.

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