Why Buy A Hybrid?

Posted by at 28 August 2019, at 13 : 32 PM

Why Buy A Hybrid?

With the current buzz words being sustainability, eco-friendly and environmentally aware, it’s more important than ever to consider the sorts of vehicle that you could have on your driveway. Older vehicles tend to guzzle the gas and pump harmful emissions into the air. More modern diesel SUVs are a tad more economical in that they run for longer and do more miles to the gallon, but they can damage the ozone layer as well.

You need to find a car that you are comfortable with. The surge in a millennial mindset means that most people are concerned about the world in which they live and want to do their bit. While they might not be keen to have a two minute shower every other week or go vegan, they can be more susceptible to clever automotive marketing. Nearly every car manufacturer is focusing on how they can bring environmentally aware and carbon neutral cars to the market. In the past these vehicles have looked chunky and have gone at a snail’s pace. They haven’t been a joy to drive and just don’t cut it for the most ardent of petrol heads. Fast forward to today, and hybrid cars are modern, stylish, handle brilliantly, and are worthy of consideration. Take a look at why you should buy a hybrid.

They Aren’t That Different

Most drivers are terrified of something a little too different. Quirky concept cars have never seen mainstream success because the average driver is happy with what they’ve got. The person who is passionate about driving wants a reliable car, with good safety features, that has exceptional handling and accelerates quickly. A peppy car can be fun to drive.

Hybrids are no different. You can now enjoy a fun drive and a vehicle that goes from 0 to 60 in a speedy time. You can feel the power when you put the pedal to the metal and you don’t have to worry about being cocooned in a boring shell of a motor. The only thing that is different is the noise that a hybrid makes. It takes some getting used to when you have a car that sounds like the engine is permanently off. They are ridiculously quiet. There will be no gruffness of an exhaust as you won’t need one. With a simple rechargeable battery, your car will run off electricity rather than gas.

Why Buy A Hybrid?

They Are Economical

While hybrids have a reputation of being expensive, they tend to pay for themselves within five years of use. Gas is becoming more and more expensive. With an electric powered vehicle, you have no need to rock up to a gas station ever again. Instead, you whip out your recharging cables and plug in overnight for a full day’s driving the next day. If you commute to work, a hybrid can be ideal as they are perfect for inner city driving.

While the infrastructure is still a little lacking, you can create a charging point at home. Major service stations have recharging points, and many allow free parking for hybrid vehicles. You will also not have to worry about tax, toll roads or high insurance premiums. Hybrid cars are much more reliable than their gas guzzling equivalents and need very little maintenance. All you’ll need to fork out for is brand new winter tires when the colder weather hits. If you need a safe, reliable and economical motor for your family, a hybrid is ideal.

Think about the way your family uses a car. Some hybrid vehicles have a better fuel economy when in stop start traffic. These are more suited for local driving, shorter journeys and taking the kids to swimming lessons at the weekend. Others are much more economical on longer journeys. These are ideal for those individuals who commute along highways for long distances. Do your research and find the best vehicle for your brood.

Why Buy A Hybrid?

Environmentally Friendly

The essence of a hybrid car is its environmental credentials. You will be doing your bit to prevent more harmful emissions being released into the atmosphere. When you enter a congestion charge zone, you will never have to pay any fee as your vehicle will be carbon neutral. Getting in on the bandwagon early means you can enjoy the greener credentials of owning a hybrid vehicle. You can even set an example for your kids by taking a stand and revolutionizing an aspect of your life for the good of the planet. Everyone has to do their bit, and if purchasing a hybrid vehicle for your next family car is yours, go for it.

Forget about going diesel SUV hunting and opt for a hybrid car for your next set of wheels.

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