Ever Wondered What A Trucker’s Life Entails?

Posted by at 3 October 2017, at 11 : 02 AM

Ever Wondered What A Trucker’s Life Entails?

Are you one of those drivers that get frustrated on the highway when a plaid shirt wearing trucker pulls out to overtake a fellow truck driver only to accelerate at a snail’s pace and take a good five minutes to pass with enough distance to pull back in? Do you then put the pedal to the metal to overtake both of them before muttering some obscenity under your breath while keeping your eyes on the open road ahead? If you are, you’re not alone. The slow, bulky trucks that scatter our highways can become obstacles to car drivers who want to get from A to B quickly. However, have you ever stopped to consider what truckers actually do and their importance to the fabric of the business world? Read on to discover why you will never be cursing a slow truck driver again.

Consider Your Own Job

The chances are that your company will rely on the logistics industry in some shape or form. You may work in an office sat behind a desk, squirrelling away on your laptop day in, day out formulating new ways to increase sales. This role would be obsolete if it weren’t for the truckers who transport your goods, products or supplies across the country every single day of the year. Imagine if the haulage industry simply stopped or vanished. Your sector couldn’t function, your company would lose money, and you’d be out of a job. A slow trucker on the highway is ensuring that your company can run like clockwork.

Ever Wondered What A Trucker's Life Entails?

Job Conditions

The working day of a trucker is long, arduous and often tedious. There will be days when they are sat in traffic, moving very little with the stress of having to deliver a piece of machinery, equipment or goods to a desired destination to a timescale. Some truckers drive overnight whereas others are on call, driving only when needed. They drive up to 125,000 miles every year; a monumental amount of stamina is needed for such a feat.

If you are reading this thinking that you’d love to have a go at spending your days out on the open road, with nothing but your own thoughts and a radio to keep you company, you can get started here and check out a list of reputable used truck dealers. With the right licence, trucking authority, vehicle and attitude, you can become a freelance truck driver and develop a strong reputation in your local area. If you can deliver things in one piece and on time, you’ll be able to charge a handsome price for your skills.

Ever Wondered What A Trucker's Life Entails?


The life of a truck driver may seem solitary, but there is a real team spirit amongst truckers. They’ll meet up at the ubiquitous truck stops for a catch-up and warn one another of impending traffic jams or accidents on the road. The life of a truck driver involves long periods without friends and family, so the company of fellow truckers becomes important.

Truck drivers don’t go out of their way to annoy car drivers. They are simply doing their job and trying to ensure that the business world that employs you runs like clockwork. They are an integral part of the infrastructure of companies up and down the nation. Maybe with your newfound respect for them, you might become more courteous, allow them to overtake and let them out at a junction once in a while.

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